things childhood memories are made of

When I think of what my children will say about the summers of their childhood, I want their eyes to light up and speak passionately about the awesome things we’ve done together and how much fun they’ve had.

This summer, I’m participating in The Summer Bucket List Challenge started by my friends from The Happy Family Movement. The concept is simple – make a list of things we want to do as a family and go do them.

The Summer Bucket List is a great way to make sure our children experience all the wonderful things the makes up childhood. It is also a great catalyst for us to connect and bond as a family.

Summer Bucket List Photo

Since we have a little baby and Elle will soon be turning 3, I’ve kept our list pretty simple with toddler friendly activities. Here is our agenda:

  • picnic at a park
  • go to the zoo
  • go to the water park
  • ride the sky train and sea bus
  • walk along the seawall
  • go to Trader Joe’s
  • pick blueberries
  • build a sand castle at the beach
  • play a trick on Auntie Maggie
  • water balloon fight
  • hopscotch on the driveway
  • fly a kite
  • camp in the backyard
  • do random acts of kindness
  • make playdough
  • make totem poles out of paper tubes
  • build an inukshuk
  • make maple leaf prints
  • build a teepee
  • eat a poutine

When I showed it to the little girl and told her about the activities, she didn’t seem too excited…then I realized a 3 year old can’t read….duh. So, it’s now on my to do list to print out pictures of these activities and put them on the bunting.

Summer Bucket List Picture

My goal is for my children to have a photo storybook of every summer of their childhood. I hope the pictures from the storybook will remind them (and us parents) of the amazing experiences they’ve had growing up and remember how much they’re loved because we made it a priority to spend time connecting and bonding with them.

Want to join in on the fun? Sign up for the The Summer Bucket List Challenge and make this summer memorable!

Hilary Mercer -

Cant wait to see your adventures!

Jennifer Hurlburt -

Looks fun! Looking forward to seeing all the adventures you document!

Nicole Howard -

I had to look up what an inukshuk is. So cool!

Amy Lee -

I had to look it up to when I first heard of it! Totally a Canadian thing =)

Amy Lee -

Thanks @[1101630054:2048:Hilary Mercer]! I’m sure yours will be exciting too!

Amy Lee -

Same to you Jennifer!

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Leanne Liakos -

We signed up with them a few weeks ago and made our list, M is so excited!

Heather Lynn -

My goodness, how lovely!

Amy Lee -

Whats on your list @[648805469:2048:Leanne]??? i want to see!!!

Lori McGrath -

Awesome idea Amy Lee. I love it!

Eleana Kwong Percevault -

I love your bunting design, it’s super cute! I finally buckled down and joined the bucket list party. I also went down your list and “borrowed” some ideas because there are so many good ones. Just wanted to share though – wasn’t sure where you were headed for your poutine but if you are ever in New West, you should hit up Anny’s Dairy Bar, they feature poutine and Montreal smoked meat sandwiches but the VERY best thing ever is their Maple Twist soft serve ice cream. It’s a must for me at summertime and I’m introducing my kids to it this year ;o).

Mitzi M. -

cool idea! when I think of bucket lists, I think big ideas like ‘go bungee jumping’ hehe..but I like how even picking blueberries is a simple thing to put on the to do list!

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