West Coast Creative Co Event


A couple weeks ago, I met some creative souls at 4 Cats Studio for an evening of painting, chatting and having some gown up fun at a West Coast Creative Event.

Crystal from Sew Creative and Tara from Suburble did such a fantastic job putting the event together. They also worked really hard to gather a lot of businesses together to sponsor this event.


We got wined and dined with wine from Haywire and food from Milestones while connecting with old friends and making new ones.


We got to meet the guy who was on Dragon’s Den for this coffee that helps you sleep (and it’s amazing coffee!).

We got to hear an amazing story of how Sky of Mandela Sky started her company. Really truly inspiring.


But the best thing of the whole evening was learning that I CAN paint!! Who knew?

When I was shown a sample of what we’re painting, I thought to myself  ‘I can’t do that!’


Seriously! You’re talking to someone who can only draw stick people and the only thing I ever painted is a rainbow!

But then Simone  from 4 Cats Studio in Kerrisdale showed us how to paint it step by step…kind of like painting by numbers….and I totally rocked it! First you draw a U for the pot, then a line for the table, then draw some branches out of the pot. Then you paint the table, paint the background, paint the vase, paint the branches and dot in the flowers. Easy!


From this, I learned that it’s all in my head when I don’t think I could do something. All you need to do is break it down step by step and do it 1 step at a time. Duh, right?

Thank you Lindsay Faber Photography for capturing our evening!

amy lee signature for the connection we share

ps – How do you eat an elephant? One step at a time =)

Crystal Allen -

I love that you walked away from the West Coast Creative event with a revelation! Thank you so much for attending. It was so great hanging out with you.