my superpower

Time: unknown.

The room is dark, with a bit of amber street light coming in from the window.

All was quiet.

Normally I am a back sleeper. Since 3 weeks ago, I had to sleep on my side. The weight of the belly was just too much. This night is no different; I’m lying on the left side.

I used both arms to push my body into a sitting position, swung my legs to the side of the bed and placed both feet on the floor. I stood up.

This happens every night. Once or twice per night.

Darn small bladder, darn pregnancy, I thought as I dragged myself to the washroom. Being pregnant is such an inconvenience.

The small bladder that results to many trips to the washroom, the weight gain that results to a double chin, the stretching of the belly that results to itchy skin, the extra weight from the belly that results to back pain…is pregnancy a curse or a blessing?

‘Be grateful for what you have’ came a voice in my head.

Great, now I’m being ungrateful….let’s just go back to sleep ….if I can.

vancouver maternity picture

The next morning, yawning over a cup of tea, I couldn’t help but ponder – how do I appreciate and feel grateful for my pregnancy when it is such an inconvenience?

Well, the obvious is that my body is creating a healthy baby, which I’m very grateful for. Secondly, I haven’t had any stretch marks, thanks to my good genes. Thirdly…..thirdly…..ummm, that’s about it on this sleep deprived morning.

As I watch my daughter eat her breakfast, I had another thought.

I really haven’t been appreciating my body for all it’s doing. All I focused on are the inconvenient things like weight gain, waddling, mommy brain, low energy, small bladder and such. I haven’t loved my body for creating a human being, which really is a miracle.

How does my body know to grow a baby the way it’s supposed to be grown? How does it know to put eyes in the middle of his head and a nose in between his eyes? How does it know to grow organs and make them function the way they do?

As I sat there counting these amazing things my body is able to do, I came to a positive conclusion.

i have a superpower. i make human beings in my belly!

I need to appreciate this fact because being able to create a baby is a gift. I need to love the good and the bad of being pregnant and love my changing body the way it is. If I want my daughter to love herself and appreciate her body just as she was made, I have to do the same.

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Prescilla Carrion -

I can relate to this post! Great photo by the way 🙂