making our lives extraordinary

A month ago, I had the pleasure of having dinner with one of the most joyous, extraordinary man I have ever met. This guy is a bubble of energy and a great story teller. When he tells stories, people would gather around him like children and listen with wide eyes and wonder.

Bob Goff told stories of the extraordinary life he and his family lives. Stories about how he attached 1000 helium balloons to a 4 foot boy from Uganda and made him float in mid-air and how he took his children around the world to interview Presidents and Prime Ministers of their hopes for the world.

Bob’s stories made me wonder what stories my children will tell when they are older. What experiences would they participate in that would make their childhood extraordinary? What photos would they have to remind them of their childhood?vancouver family photoRight now, our stories and our photographs are pretty ‘normal’. We go on family vacations in the summer, dress up Elle to trick-or-treat during Halloween, decorate Christmas trees and have turkey dinners.vancouver children picture playing by the seaWhat can we do to make our stories and our lives extraordinary?

I really think that having an ‘extraordinary childhood’ or ‘living an extraordinary life’ is not that complicated. All we need is take the ‘ordinary’ things and add a bit of ‘extra’ to them.

Do it BIGGER, make it better, think outside the box and do it differently.

How about instead of having turkey dinners, we go to our local turkey farmer and have dinner with them surrounded by live walking turkeys? How about we organize a Halloween parade in our neighborhood including a marching band and fireworks?

As Elle gets older and discovers her interests, how about we take these things that matter to her and create outside-the-box experiences from them?

If she loves to cook spaghetti and meatballs, how about we take her to Italy for cooking lessons? How about we cook a giant pot of spaghetti and have dinner with the homeless during a snowstorm?

I don’t know what experiences we’ll reminisce in 30 years. I just know by thinking outside the box and doing things differently, our stories and our lives will be extra-ordinary.

vancouver halloween show photoAs for now, here’s my first chance to add something extra to an ordinary Halloween. Apart from the regular trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving, Elle and I will go to a Halloween show at the PNE in Vancouver called The Great Big Boo! We’ll for sure go in costumes and have her experience the magic of this festival.

If you could, please join us for the fun and share the experience.

Jenny CP -

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