3 Actionable Tips to Prevent Holiday Stress

Who agrees with me that Christmas is a stressful time of the year?

I can’t count how many times I get stressed out in December because so much is going on. Then the stress gets the best of me and I’m short tempered and cranky. Then I get sick (or worse, our whole family gets sick), which makes me even more short tempered and crankier.

Please tell me you can relate.

Stressed out, cranky moms doesn’t equal a happy holiday. You agree?

What great tips to help prevent holiday stress!

How To Prevent Holiday Stress

So this year, I’m learning from past experiences and getting REALLY organized. Here are a few things I’m doing to prevent stress so I could enjoy the holidays.

Put It On The Calendar

Oh my goodness. This is something I learned a few months ago and it saved my sanity and helps me get so much done.

It’s a really simple concept: if you want to do it, put it on a calendar. This goes for the little things too!

For example….I’m planning to take the family to Breakfast with Santa. Obviously I need to put the actually event on the calendar, but I also need to purchase tickets, right? So I’m putting that on the calendar as well, making time to actually get the tickets.

Sanity saver right here =)

What’s on my calendar so far? Scheduling time to do Christmas shopping at the end of November to beat the Christmas rush, time to wrap presents, time to bake some holiday treats, time to prepare a ‘holiday outing kit’…..you get the idea.

Prepare A ‘Holiday Outing Kit’ For The Kids

In previous years, I would madly run around the house 2 minutes before we have to leave gathering things we need. This is a really good way to get stressed out. Duh.

This year I’m creating a kit of things we need for our outings. I’ll put it in the car since I know I’ll forget to bring it otherwise.

This kit includes:

  • A few packs of food pouches. The kids love Heinz Baby’s food pouches and I love it too since they have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added. Be sure to check out their Facebook page as they share some great tips for moms with little kids.
  • All natural hand sanitizer. My kids touch everything covered in germs. Yours?
  • All natural face wipes for runny noses.
  • Hats and mittens to keep them warm to prevent snooty noses.
  • All natural lip and face balm to combat the dry air.
  • A box of busy bag activities to keep them busy during those dinner parties.
  • Pajamas in case we stay a little too late.
  • Toothbrushes because I know they’ll fall asleep in the car.

Things to pack in a

Schedule Time To Rest

I’m sure the holiday festivities will have us going out more than usual and staying up later than normal. I’m going to schedule a few ‘lazy days’ so we can rest.

I can’t even begin to tell you how this has helped me so much this past month! I actually schedule time to rest, nap and just take it easy.

We stay home in our pajamas, not do any housework, and just be lazy! I hang out with the kids, cuddle and read books, make hot chocolate with tons of whipped cream, watch movies and nap! Yes, naps!!!

Boost Your Immune System

Nobody wants to be sick, especially during the holidays. From our last sick episode, I’ve learned some really useful tricks from my naturopath to stay healthy. We’ve been practicing this and I can safely say it kept us healthy for the last few months.

Take vitamin C every day. For adults you need 1000mgs and little kids need 250mgs. If you feel you’re getting sick, take a boost and increase it to 3000mgs for adults and 1000mgs for kids. **I’m not a doctor/naturopath so please check with yours first.

When I know I’m coming down with something, right away I take a few drops of Oil Of Oregano. This stuff is disgusting and it totally works! You have to take it right at the beginning otherwise it doesn’t really work.

The kids will never take Oil of Oregano so I give them a teaspoon of this herbal tincture I got from the naturopath. I think it’s a blend echinacea, licorice root and some other herbs. Again, natural remedies stink but I mix it with some Kindervitaland juice. They drink it and ask for more =)

Again, make sure you talk to your doctor or naturopath to find out the best ways to boost your immune system.

How About You?

Here are 3 things I’ll be doing this holidays to prevent stress. How about you? In the comments below, tell me what you’re doing to have a stress-free holiday?

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