Kidoodle.TV Review & Giveaway

Ok, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I use the TV as a babysitter.

I don’t like my kids watching a lot of TV and I’d rather them play outside or do a craft. But sometimes when I need to get dressed in the morning or I need 30 minutes to make dinner, the TV really is a life saver.

The problem I find when Elle watches TV on the iPad is I don’t have a lot of control over what she watches on YouTube or Netflix. There are some kid shows I prefer her not to watch like Cailoou or Barbie and commercials I don’t approve of on YouTube.

kidoodle.TV reviews

So when I got an invitation to review Kidoodle.TV which is a safe, ad-free streaming video service that you can customize for your kids according to your, and their, preferences, , I jumped on the opportunity.

Upon a simple download, I spent 10 minutes going through the app and setting it up for Elle. It was really easy to setup and fun at the same time looking at the different shows they offer.

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In Kidoole.TV, you can set up to 5 profiles for each of your kids according to their age and show preference. Since Elle is 3, I selected shows for her that are appropriate for her age that she would enjoy. I went through all the shows and turned off all the shows I’m not comfortable with.

Elle was more than thrilled when I showed her Kidoodle.TV with her own profile of a pink unicorn. I set a time limit of 15 minutes and went to get dressed, feeling great that she’ll only watch shows I approve of and she’ll only get 15 minutes of TV time.

As I was getting ready, I was waiting for her to come to me at the end of her 15 minutes. I was really curious to what she would do when it shuts off….but she never did come to me. When I check on her about 25 minutes later, I found her playing a game on the iPad. Yes, Kidoodle.TV did shut off but my girl just continue playing on the iPad…I suppose this is a parenting issue.


So the next time I let her have the iPad for Kidoodle.TV, I gave her the rules first with the consequences, make sure she understands, then gave her the iPad. The rule is that she needs to give me back the iPad when the app shuts off. If she doesn’t, I’ll have to take the iPad away and she wouldn’t be able to have it for the rest of the day. Simple.

I really do love Kidoodle.TV for the fact that I have control over what shows Elle watches while still giving Elle over control of what she wants to watch.

Here is a recap of some great features of Kidoodle.TV:

  • Kidoodle.TV is a safe, ad-free streaming video service that you can customize for your kids according to your, and their, preferences
  • Make up to 5 custom kids’ profiles. Choose content based on your child’s age or on a show-by-show basis
  • Time limits can be placed on viewing through the secure Parents Room, allowing families to balance the time spent on Kidoodle.TV with other important activities
  • Accessible from most internet connected devices such as the iPad, Mac, PC, Laptops, tablets, smartphones (yes, androids included)
  • Kidoodle.TV has safe, kids-only content, including retro content from your childhood like Jem and the Holograms and Inspector Gadget

kidoodle.TV review

If you want to try Kidoodle.TV, they offer a 2 week free trial period and you can sign up here. They are also offering you 25% off a 1 year subscription with discount code MCC25.

Also, Kiddoodle.TV is doing a giveawy for one of 3 iPad Minis. If you enter the giveaway, they’ll also give you a coupon code to get 1 month free of their service! You can enter for this through the Kiddodle.TV Facebook page.

Kidoodle.TV is very generous and is offering one of you a chance to win a FREE 1-year subscription!

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You are welcome to enter this giveaway on this blog and on other blogs who are also doing a giveaway, you may win on a single blog. Entrants must be a resident of Canada except Quebec. If you win, please provide Kidoodle.TV your email address so they could sign you up!

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