random act of kindness – how far can $5 go?

Sometimes when we think of changing the world, we think we need to impact the entire planet…and the 7.09 billion people on the face of this earth.

Isn’t that too overwhelming of a job?

To me, changing the world means changing someone’s world, making a difference in someone’s life.

One of the items on our Summer Bucket List is ‘do random acts of kindness’. I put this activity in there because I want to teach my children to love people and that’s what love does – being in service to others to make their lives better.

So for this random act of kindness, I wanted to do something that had a ripple effect, a ‘pay it forward’ random act of kindness. We decided to give out money to inspire people to do some good with the money.

Random Act of Kindness

What if the person who receives this envelope bought the person behind them their morning coffee? What if they bought cookies and shared them with their co-workers or people on the bus? What if these people get inspired and do more good?

Just by doing something so simple and so ordinary, we could brighten someones day and make their lives just a little better. Don’t you think that’s extraordinary?

After these envelopes were created and nicely packaged, my daughter and I went out and delivered them. We handed some out to strangers at the farmers market, some to our friends, some to people eating lunch at the mall and some we just left on tables at coffee shops.

random act of kindnessEvery time we give out an envelope, I tell my daughter what and why we are doing this. She nods and understands the ‘what’ part but I don’t think her 2 5/6 year old mind comprehends the lesson being taught…sometimes the best way to teach is to lead by example.

One thing I was really interested to know is what people did with their $5 and how far it went. On the instruction card in the envelops, we included an invitation to share their $5 story with us. So far, we know that Laura the Starbucks barista have been given a tip for her ‘amazing lattes and cheerful smile’.

I know there are other extraordinary stories out there that have yet to reach me and I really look forward to hearing them!

Tell me friends, have you ever been a receiver of a random act of kindness?

Daniela Duriavig -

What a beautiful idea! I’d love to read about what people do with their $5. And I’m sure there will be all kinds of ripple effects that you will never know about. Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous -

This is a wonderful idea and I am a huge believer in paying in forward.

Paula Schuck -

You have a beautiful beautiful blog and I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before,. Love this idea. You are lovely. Great way to spread love in the world.

Bewildered Bug -

Oh Wow, this is a wonderful idea, but I don’t know if I can afford it. I definitely will choose to do something like this with my future children though. I really love your sentiment ” changing the world means changing someone’s world, making a difference in someone’s life.” Do you mind if I quote it on my personal fb profile photo? It’s beautiful. I am loving this blog…I have a feeling I’m about to spend way too much time on it!

Amy Lee -

oh for sure, quote away =)

Amy Lee -

Thanks Paula. This world is already great (at least in my world) and it could just be that much better =)

Amy Lee -

I really hope I hear the stories too, Daniela! I’ll update you if I do =)

Amy Lee -

Yes, paying it forward and karma =)

Candace Derickx -

Love this so much! Hope it goes viral in real life ;).

Amy Lee -

I hope so too Candace!

The DIY Mommy -

What a wonderful idea! I love the thought that to change the world, we can start at home one person at a time. Thanks for inspiring me to instill this spirit more into my children.

Amy Lee -

It’s so much more manageable when it’s one person at a time =)

Kerrie Mendoza -

What a fantastic idea! Love that you included instructions and detailed information for people to pay it forward. I hope you learn about people’s stories – would love to read them!

Save Your Fork There's Pie BLOG -

WOW! I just got chills! This is so amazing, Amy! When we first were deciding whether to start a family or not I was really hesitant because all you hear about is the bad things… But it’s things like this and people like you who make this dark world that much more brighter. Fantastic job, mama! I will definitely do this with my daughter.

Jackie Currie -

What a lovely idea! And such a wonderful way to teach your daughter, at an early age, about the gift of giving and doing for others.

Vonbon -

How inspiring! What an amazing idea! I cant wait to do it, and share it with everyone I know!

Christy Maund-Lawson -

What a lovely idea! I agree that sometimes a ‘hands on’ lesson is the best way for our kids to truly get the message. I have no doubt there are numerous people with smiles on their faces because of you and your children!