Flowers Your Kids Can Pick and Eat – List of Edible Flowers

When we re-landscaped our garden 5 years ago, one of my dreams is for my children to forage in our backyard. I imagined them going around the yard picking berries in different color and shapes, pulling of little tomatoes and popping them into their mouths, and filling their tummies with peas they’ve just shelled. Aside […]

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Planet Smarty Pants -

This is a terrific post! I had no idea that many of those flowers are edible. Thanks for sharing with After School!

Five Easy 5 Ingredient Recipes Made In Under 15 Minutes -

[…] We used pansies and marigold. Did you know you can actually eat a lot of common flowers? Here is a list of edible flowers that are safe to eat and are easy for kids to […]

Sanne Klerks - you might want to read this about the marigold…

Christiane Dernier -

cette photo me montre avec mon frère aîné.

Flowers #13 -

[…] here via […]

Edible Flowers: What You Need to Know » Yardfarmers -

[…] HellaWella & The Connection We Share […]

Green Guide January 2016 : Let's Get Green. Thumbs Up! - KidStyleFile -

[…] Flowers Your Kids Can Pick and Eat – The Connection We Share […]

Cheryl Wedyke Leiby -

I also didnt know that all these flowers were edible,thank-you

Ten Easy Veggies to Grow with Kids - Picklebums -

[…] Edible flowers Ok so these are not technically veggies, but edible flowers are a great thing to grow. They help bring beneficial insects to your garden, and the kids will think it is weirdly cool that you can eat them. Try growing some of these edible flowers and adding them to a salad or decorating a cake wiht them – pansies, nastertiums, marigolds and violets (not africran violets) Find more information here […]

The Portrait Project {Week 35 & 36}

This week, I have A LOT of photos of the kids and lots of selfies.…because why not? These photos will be going into the kid’s year end Blurb book. jay’s portraits (week 35) He is such a Mama’s Boy. elle’s portraits (week 35) Notice the bruises on her legs. I remember the first time she ever got […]

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Victoria Ip -

Wow! How do u find time for all these projects? U are a super mom & wife!

5 Meaningful Photo Books Ideas + Blurb Coupon

When making photo books, I always make the book as meaningful as I can. Of course a book of photos of your loved ones are meaningful, that’s a given. But how do you put more meaning into just pictures? Here are 5 ideas to create meaningful photo books and an example of a photo book […]

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Kyla Cornish -

I keep planning on doing this AND never do. Maybe this summer…. can I just hire you?

Allison Spiro-Wiberg -

Wonder if it’s not too late to make one of these for Father’s Day.

Tami Amit -

I love the questions to ask the kids! Thx

Danielle Christopher -

So important to write down your stories. I don’t have any of my mom so I write for my girls. Love photo books!

Heather Van Mil -

These are awesome tips! We make photo books all the time, but aside from the very first one we did about our daughter’s surgery and first year, they are all just photos. thanks for inspiring me!!

Personalized Name Art - Creating Meaningful Art (she: Amy) -

[…] a space saving technique is to scan it and create a photo book of the artwork. I’ve been creating meaning photo books with Blurb and this one will add to our […]

Dabbling Momma -

I love adding the letter! I make a summer memory book for my kids each year and I am definitely going to keep your ideas in mind!

How to Display a Lot of Photos | Lop Rabbit Photography -

[…] display in her home. Since wall space is becoming limited in her home, she puts a lot of photos in photo books. Amy loves hanging out in the backyard with her children picking all sorts of berries. On rainy […]

Sharon Smith -

Any ideas for making a photo book for a parent that has dementia? Mom can’t remember who grandkids are and who their kids are. Thought I would have families send me photos of their family and I would put them in a book that she could look at to help her remember.

{Kid Safe} Glow In The Dark Glitter Jars

Who like things that glow in the dark? There’s something so magical and mysterious about things that glow when everything around it is dark. When I saw this diy glow in the dark firefly jar in Kiwi Crate’s Explore magazine, I knew Elle and I have to make this for our ‘backyard camping night’. One […]

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Hodge Podge Craft -

ooooh – pretty! Fun is a verb (fun, funner, funniest, funtastic) – fact. 😉
thanks for sharing at #Pintorials

Planet Smarty Pants -

It’s a very cool craft! Thanks for sharing with After School Link Up!

Sand In My Toes -

This is such an interesting idea, and I’m sure it will fascinate kids for quite a while!

Jessica Fateh -

Love love love!!! We will be making this for our camping trip. My 2yr old loves glow in the dark (who doesn’t really?) and this is perfect!

Jessica Fateh -

Lol, yes I’ll be camping for real and I had already thought of plastic being the better option than glass in this case. I also have some glow in the dark pony beads that I thought I would play around with. I think this will also serve as a nice “night light” in the tent. I’ll let you know how how it goes!

30 Best Star Gazing Activities and Books -

[…] glow in the dark glitter jars | the connections we share  […]

Kids Summer Activities -

[…] Foam Stamps 3. Recycled Crayons 4. Sidewalk Drawings 5. Sponge Water Fight 6. Mini Sand Castles 7. Glow in the Dark Party 8. Giant Coloring 9. Make a Bucket List 10. Eat Some Popsicles 11. Drive-In Movie Night 12. Spin […]

Karin Gorman Garcia -

how long does it stay glowing?

Kid Safe DIY Glow In The Dark Glitter Jars -

[…] DIY Glow In The Dark Glitter Jars […]

Fiona M. Bideau -

Very cool xx

Glow In The Dark Crafts and Activities -

[…] Glow In The Dark Glitter Jars (kid safe)  /  Mirror Glow Eyes  /  Night Time Bowling […]

Jennifer Hughes -

Two words — ridiculously AWESOME!

Jennifer from The Jenny Evolution

Super Easy DIY Snow Globe -

[…] For the snow globe, I thought it’ll be cool to make one that glows in the dark. Luckily we have some leftover glow in the dark glitter from our Glow in the Dark Glitter Jars. […]

Lauri Block Pobanz -

Very cool. I just put the glow in the dark glitter in my Amazon cart! My boys will think they are cool and my grandsons will too.

Glow In The Dark Glitter Jars | Craft Ideas -

[…] with you now the weather is getting better, we love these glow in the dark glitter jars from ‘The Connections We Make’. They’re easy to make and look […]

Photo Tips From The Pros – Amy Drucker

Today on Photo Tips From the Pros, Amy Drucker who is a NYC portrait and lifestyle photographer shares her favourite image as well as her best photo tip. Meet Amy Just like most of you, I’m a Mama first and everything else second. My boys are six and sixteen and I started my business when my youngest […]

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The Portrait Project {Week 33 & 34}

A portrait (or a few) of my children…because photos should been seen and shared. These photos will be going into the kid’s year end Blurb book. elle’s portraits (week 33) This girl can now do her own hair. She likes to pull it back into a pony tail. Sometimes, she’ll stick a bunch of pins and […]

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Friendship Painting – Friendship Craft For Kids

This fun activity was invented out of a night of hanging with my gal Tairalyn at Little Miss Mama. I vaguely remember how this conversion went. We were chatting about the convenience of a ‘mess-free finger painting’ project Tairalyn and Sophia (her daughter) did a while ago, a topic I could totally relate to since […]

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Salma Dinani Dewji -

Such a fun idea! Pinning it to try this summer.

MaryAnne MamaSmilesblog -

What a sweet craft!

The Inspired Treehouse -

[…] Amy at THE CONNECTION WE SHARE brought us another fantastic activity that teaches cooperation, balance, gravity and, best of all, […]

Homegrown Friends -

I just love coming to your site! It is always filled with great ideas and there is something so peaceful about your photography and layout. Sharing today.

Summer Family Fun Series Week #4 - Written Reality -

[…] And I LOVE this recipe A Little Pinch of Perfect shared for Play Dough Ice Cream   Ever tried Friendship Painting? Check out this AWESOME idea via The Connection We Share […]

25+ Collaborative Art Projects for Kids - Buggy and Buddy -

[…] Friendship Painting from The Connection We Share […]

Photo Tips From The Pros – Lola Melani

Today on Photo Tips From The Pros, we have Lola Melani who’s a maternity and newborn photographer in New York sharing her favourite photos and how they were made. Lola creates the most beautiful silhouette photography of mother-to-be’s. Along with her other work, her photographs are so simple and timeless. Here’s Lola Hi, I am […]

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The Portrait Project {Week 31 & 32}

A portrait (or a few) of my children…because photos should been seen and shared. These photos will be going into the kid’s year end Blurb book. jay’s portraits (week 31) This boy LOVES looking out the window. There’s always something interesting for him to look at. He gets super excited when little chickadees visit us and […]

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Silhouette Matching Game and Busy Bag Ideas

Doesn’t this game look fun!? I’m so in love with the colorful graphics and the simplicity of this game. Just like the Color and Pattern Matching Game we played with few weeks ago, this game is also very easy to prepare. All you need to do is download the printable (below), cut it out and […]

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Creatifulkids -

These are so lovely! I pinned them straight away and planning to print them too. I also did some free coloring pages that can also go in a busy bag. Have a look here:

Liliana Eira -

Thanks for sharing! It’s a really lovely game!

Mum of One -

These are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing with the #pinitparty. I have pinned…several times 😉

Boy Mama Teacher Mama -

This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing at After School!

Teacher Mama: FREE Games for Making Ten {After School Linky} | Boy Mama Teacher Mama -

[…] Silhouettes Matching Game from The Connection We Share […]

Jennifer Dawn Oliver Shelton -

This is an amazing idea! Love it!

Summer Bucket List -

[…] The Connection We Share | Teaching Mama | Lovely Commotion […]

Share It Saturday- Toddler Play Ideas - Teach Beside Me -

[…] The Connection We Share- Silhouette Matching Game […]

Munchkins and Moms -

I love this activity! Printing them for my munchkins today and sharing on FB 🙂

Easy Educational Ruler Activity (she: Amy) - Or so she says... -

[…] you like this easy to set up activity, you might also like this silhouette matching game which is a great idea for busy bags! All you need to do is print it, put it in a sandwich bag and pull it out when you need an activity […]

Olga Ananko -

Amazing idea! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

Yeniza Gress Navarro -

I really want this printables for my son… but I don’t have anything in my e-mail. ..

13 Days of Learning Printables: Day 2 (Transportation Sight Word Readers) - The Measured Mom -

[…] The Connection We Share | Teaching Mama | Lovely Commotion […]

Weekend Inspiration: Busy Bag Ideas | Muse of the Morning Crafty Kits, Wool Felt & PDF Sewing Patterns -

[…] Activity from Confessions of a Homeschooler 2. Shapes and Colors Memory Game from Dandee Designs 3. Printable Vehicle Shape Matching Activity from the Connection We […]

Ultimate Guide of Busy Bag Ideas – 100+ Ideas Sorted by Category -

[…] Colorful graphics for a variety of vehicle themed matching games. […]

Md Tanvir Ahmed -

Very Good.

Best Busy Bags for Preschool and Toddlers - -

[…] Silhouette Matching Game and Busy Bag from The Connection We Share […]

Jouer autour “des moyens de transport” ! | Cyber tour du monde de Oumie -

[…] et comment jouer avec le site est en anglais  […]

5 juegos educativos para niños de Infantil | Pequecordoba -

[…] Más información: The Connection We Share […]

Formes et silhouettes | Supports Educatifs -

[…] de retrouver le duo Formes et silhouettes A découvrir encore une fois sur le blog de Amy TheConnectionWeShare Les cartes formes sont découpées avec le fond blanc, et les silhouettes elles sont découpé sans […]

25 busy bags for preschoolers -

[…] Silhouette Matching Game (The Connection We […]

Week 3 & 4 – Transportation Theme | Fun Learning thru' Play -

[…] 13c. Silhouette Matching Game […]

PK1 Printables Parade 1/10/16 | PK1HomeschoolFUN -

[…] Silhouette Matching Game from The Connection We […]

Big Sister Class and a Tummy Bug | neal family blog -

[…] we worked on matching images with their silhouettes. A cute little printable exercise I found here. I kinda thought it’d be too hard for her. I showed her how to do the first one, then handed […]

Magda Nosko-Goszczycka -

hi Amy. great Have You got silhouette matching game for food??

Busy Bags and Boxes – Defiantly Domestic -

[…] Silhouette Matching […]

Ideas viajes – PoetisaInsomne -

[…] Juego de siluetassiluetas siluetas […]

Preschool - Safety & Letter B - Faith Filled Parenting -

[…] Silhouette Matching Game […]

Ultimate List of 100 Crafts and Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Artsy Craftsy Mom -

[…] loves a good matching game, and we particularly love this Silhouette Matching Set from The Connection We Share! The pictures are bright and colorful without being confusing, making […]

DIY BUSY BAGS – Kimmy & Bear -

[…] Silhouette Matching Game […]

50+ Boredom Buster Templates and Printables – Craftivity Designs -

[…] Silhouette Matching Game: Young children will love this colorful silhouette matching game featuring planes, rockets, and more! […]

20 Free Printable Busy Bags | Coffee Cups and Crayons -

[…] Matching Game. There are three ways to play with this silhouette shape matching busy bag which will keeps kids busy for […]

50+ Boredom Buster Templates and Printables – Craftivity Designs -

[…] this USA-themed game as a family, and the kids will be learning about the states while they play Silhouette Matching Game: Young children will love this colorful silhouette matching game featuring planes, rockets, and […]

DIY: Reisespiele für die Autofahrt - arianebrand -

[…] tolle Spiel mit den Fahrzeugen bekommt ihr hier: Silhouette Matching Game von […]