letter writing workshop

Dear mothers, mothers-to-be’s and grandmothers, I’ll be hosting a workshop to teach you to write letters to your children. At the end of this 90 minute workshop, you’ll have a letter written for your child, whether your child is a baby, teenager or an adult. Please register now as space is  limited. If you can’t […]

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a mother’s letter: dear Sophia

Dear Sophia You are my special angel! I wake up every morning and feel thankful and blessed to have been given the most precious gift in life, you!  I love your beaming smile and your silly little giggles.  You are such a happy child little girl and wise beyond your years. Mommy loves to hug […]

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a letter to my daughter: setting a good example

Dearest Elle, I feel so honored and proud that you want to be just like me. I love the way you hold out your little finger and point to my slippers as you walk around the house in your shoes. I used to think you really like to walk around in your shoes. It took […]

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you’re the sum total of everybody in your life

This quote really resonated with me because I would not be where I am right now without a group of truly amazing and inspiring people. I am so blessed and thankful that you have shared your life, wisdom and knowledge with me. You shaped me into who I am by sharing your gifts with me and in turn, I’m able to share my […]

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Kristen -


a beautiful girl so grown up

Dear Maria, You are only 6 and you are wise beyond your years. When I see your photos, I see a beautiful girl that is so grown up. Maria, I can tell you’ll be your own person and I wish you to always believe in yourself and follow your heart. Lots of love, Amy I wrote […]

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Dear Sophia

Dearest Sophia The first time I met you, you were three weeks old. Today, you are three. How time flies. You are growing into a beautiful little lady, and in no time, you’ll be a confident and independent young woman (just like your mom). Sophia, you are so well loved – by your mom, all […]

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a letter to my daughter: being together

My dearest little girl, I love you. I love your smile. I love the dimples on your cheeks and the light in your eyes when you smile. I love the way you smile at your own reflection and kiss yourself in the mirror when we tell you the hat you’re wearing is ‘lang lang’ (pretty). […]

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Maggie -

I LOVE the idea of writing letters to our children. I plan to write one every year and one day when my daughter is old(er), we will sit together and read them together. I never want her to forget how much I love her and want a tangible reminder for her if she ever doubts my love.

Cecilia Ng -

I am so proud of you that you pursue your goal and also your dream. Elle is very blessed as she has a special mom who can capture her every moment of her life and keep all these precious moments for her.

amy -

Awww, thank you for your kind comment.

Jenny CP -

So perfect:)

hello there! so glad you’re here!

I’m Amy – tea lover, chocolate eater and kale chip maker If you’d like you children to know how much they are loved and cherished by connecting and bonding with them, then this is the place. Here, you’ll find how I and other moms connect with our children to strengthen our bond with them. We […]

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ebook download

Hello and thank you for being a part of our motherhood journey. I hope the stories, thoughts and tips in this Mother I Strive To Be ebook will make you laugh, think and maybe even shed a tear. Pop in the info below to have the ebook sent to your Inbox.

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Blog Series: What Kind of Mother do you Strive to Be? - Vancouver Mom -

[…] Vancouver Mom Bloggers who participated in this blog series. If you prefer, you could download our Mother I Strive To Be eBook which contain all the blog […]

Lee-Anne Ekland -

I am looking forward to reading this. Such a great concept and much needed for us moms who feel like we need to be lifted up sometimes.