my little 'num num'

Dear little fetus, I think it’s so amazing you’re inside my body and growing bigger every day. You’re only the size of a lime and your tiny little fingers can already open and close. Your big sister Elle says ‘hi’ to you most mornings. She waves her little arm in front of you and say […]

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Karina Eva -

You almost made me cry! I did 🙂 Congratulations!
Great memories your are keeping here, thank you for sharing your journey, makes me wonder, should I have another baby?
Mmmmmh, love babies specially if they are mine but my two little monkeys need all my attention.
I guess, we will just keep it at two. I’ll let you know 😉

Renee Bell -

oh wow – congratulations!!!!
so incredibly happy for you xxx

a mother's letter to her son

To my Super Cooper, I love you with all of my heart and soul, you sweet little boy! I absolutely love your infectious laugh especially when you’re being real cheeky!  I love the way you shout out “Yay I did it!” when you have built your little block towers, then knock them over and start […]

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you will always be my little girl

My dear little bee, It was only 8 ½ hours ago I last saw you. Yet as I look at you standing in front of the fridge, negotiating with daddy about what to have for dinner, you seem different. You’re the same size as this morning. Yet you appear to be a little taller, a […]

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Eleana -

Beautiful letter Amy! Congratulations! You are a great mother and I look forward to reading twice as many wonderful words of wisdom you will now be writing. I can share your sentiments. I will always remember the day I came home with my son. In one instant, my little girl shifted in front of my eyes. I knew it was coming but when I saw them side by side, it was amazing how our perception changes so fast.

amy -

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Eleana. I wonder how your perception of Brea changed? Did you not see her as a little girl anymore?

Michelle -

Congratulations Amy! What a sweet letter to your daughter. Yes, I tell my firstborn all the time that he’s still my little baby. (He loves hearing that.)


a mother’s letter to her daughter: dear moira

To my beautiful little Moira,   You came into this world and joined our happy little family with a burst of joy and excitement. When I wrapped my arms around you for the first time and you snuggled in closer to my chest, I felt a pouring of love out from myself for you. You […]

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they will be best friends

I photographed this adorable little baby girl in her home in Langley last week. During our baby photo session, I was really drawn to how much fun they were having together and how well they play together. When Marissa makes silly noises at baby Moira, her eyes light up and she has the cutest grins […]

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how to write a letter to your child in 2 minutes

Here is a template for a really simple letter. In 2 minutes, your child will know how much and why you love them. Yes really, 2 minutes! Just fill in the blanks. Dear ______________, I love that you __________________________ and you _________________________. I’m so proud that you  _______________________. You are  ______________________. I love you very much. Love Mommy Here […]

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a letter to my daughter: life is simple when we're together

Dear little Elle, When I’m present with you, life is simple. We sing and dance, la-ing and oh-ing to music that makes us smile. We play ‘this little piggy went to the market’ with your little toes. We roll around the bed tickling each other. We play hide and seek behind curtains and under blankets. […]

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amelia -

Hi Amy! this is so beautiful! thank you for sharing.

I don't give you pictures or memories

Even though the air was chilly, their smiles warmed by heart.   I sat across from them, listening to her words as she read her love letter to her daughter. There were pauses in her speech as she tried to stifle back tears of joy.   As they sat side by side looking with awe at the album of photographs I so lovingly created […]

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