november 2013 vancouver christams craft fairs

I LOVE Christmas craft fairs! There are so, so, so many in Vancouver. Every year, I research all the craft fairs and map it out on my calendar so I could go to as many as I can. Some weekends, there are multiple craft fairs so I have to get really organized and map out my […]

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Jessica Ho -

I love shopping at craft fairs! I’m as well a vendor. So I came across your blog while searching for potential craft fairs to sell at end of this year. It’s helpful to read your review from a shopper’s point of view. There used to be one show called One of a Kind at Convention Centre. It’s a great BIG one and I’m still wearing the knitted infinity scarf I found there. Hope they could have it again here in Vancouver.

photo session with the carters family

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the Carter family. They invited me to their beautiful home in Maple Ridge Vancouver. Upon entering the house, I was greeted with a sense of love in the family. The smell of warm cookies wafted from the kitchen as the echoes of children laughter filled the halls. […]

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making our lives extraordinary

A month ago, I had the pleasure of having dinner with one of the most joyous, extraordinary man I have ever met. This guy is a bubble of energy and a great story teller. When he tells stories, people would gather around him like children and listen with wide eyes and wonder. Bob Goff told […]

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Jenny CP -

I love your site!

this smile i love

A couple weeks ago, I shared a really simple template on how to write a letter to your child in 10 minutes. Following that format, below is a short letter I’ve written to my daughter about one of her many smiles that I love. Dear little bee, When we are playing together and doing silly […]

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big dreams for this little girl

Dear Brooke, Your mama loves you so very much and has big dreams for you. She’ll guide you to be the best person you can be and pass you all the wisdom she knows (which is a lot!). I can’t wait to see what an amazing person you’ll be and see all the incredible things […]

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how to write a letter to your child in 10 minutes

Last week I was at a mommy and baby drop-in at my local community centre, sharing my passion for letter writing and baby photography with a group of new mothers. We shared stories of what we love most about our babies and talked about moments where we felt most connected with our children. Below is a […]

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my epiphany on september 11th

Exactly a year ago, I had a complete meltdown. That day was September 11, 2011 –  the 10th anniversary of 9-11. It was late afternoon and all was quiet. There has not been any anniversary attack of any sort. I was remembering the events of that dreadful day, letting my imagination go wild. After all, what […]

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Reg -

Powerful entry. Amazing stuff Amy. I too had the same fear but ever since my mom’s diagnosis (cancer, too), my mind has been at peace: there are things we just can’t control. But as mothers we try the best we can and hopefully, our girls will always remember that.

Renee Bell -

wow – amazing xx

amy -

Reg, sorry to hear about your mom. I’m glad you’re at peace with it.

Sweet Cheeks Prop Shop -

Great post Amy, I think it’s something that crosses ever mothers mind at some point!

2 best friends

Watching Marisa and her daughter Moira play in their home in Langley Vancouver, I can tell they will be best friends. These photos show how much fun they have and how adorable this little baby girl is. Click here if the video of pictures is not displaying on your page. Here is my favourite quote from Marisa’s […]

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dear kensie

To my darling baby girl, Kensie, you are the light of life and the apple in my eye. I never imagined I could love someone to this degree. All I want to do is give you everything that I am and provide you with everything you need. When I nurse and look down at you, […]

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to my little bee on your 2nd birthday

‘Okay, Elle. You have a choice between this pretty white cotton dress Mama made you, or this outfit with a black and white striped sweater and a pink skirt. Which will it be?” Without looking at me or your choice of outfits, you turned towards the dresser and pulled out a summer dress you’ve outgrown. ‘Dis […]

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Maggie -

You are growing up too fast little bee! Thanks for sharing.

Raj @Pink Chai Style -

So sweet! Isn’t it strange that when our babies are tiny we can’t wait for them to be all grown up and the older they get we secretly wish they could be tiny for just one day. My youngest is turning 5 next week and it’s almost surreal.

Beautiful blog and photography. Glad I found you today through Vancouver Mom’s Top 30 list!

Pink Chai Style