Kids Sandwich Ideas – Jellyfish Sandwich

How many of you here have trouble getting your kids to eat their sandwich?

Yeah, me too! And I don’t blame them. Sandwiches can get boring after a while.

Thanks to Kiwi Crate and their kids sandwich ideas, your kids will be asking you to make them a sandwich!

I thought it’ll be so much fun to put a video of the process of making this creative sandwich idea, so here it is!

This was definitely way funner to make than just a regular sandwich. When I presented it to the little girl, she was so excited and had so much fun eating it, starting with the tentacles (string cheese) first.

You might notice Elle’s jellyfish sandwich looks a little bit different than the video. That’s because I made them on separate days and ran out of banana’s and blueberries. So I had to improvise and use frozen peas as eyes. The little girl didn’t see to mind =)

creative kids sandwich ideas

This month, we are learning about things that grow from Kiwi Crate. Aside from the 2 craft activities that was included in our craft box (which was a glowworm that really glows and a climbing jellyfish), we also did other activities from their new magazine such as this Spooky Glowing Eyes that involves toilet paper rolls and  glow sticks.

kiwi crate magazine

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This magazine is just so well put together and educational. There are comics for the kids to read, fun crafts and foods for the kids to make, games for them to play, and a lot of fun facts throughout the magazine that I didn’t even know. Did you know…

  • some mushrooms can glow
  • some jellyfish can move as fast as you can run
  • fireflies are actually beetles
  • different kids of fireflies blink in different patterns

Pretty neat, right?

creative kids sandwich ideas

Oh, this picture just makes me smile. It’s just so fun!

Ingredients For This Creative Sandwich Idea

  • 1 jelly sandwich
  • string cheese
  • a small stock of celery cut into thinner pieces
  • 2 slices of bananas
  • 8-10 blueberries

Arrange, eat and have FUN!

Do you make any fun sandwiches for your kids? Tell me in the comments below!


Mary Kellow -

This video is so cute! My son would love this!

Afterschooling for Smarty Pants -

We don’t really make fun sandwiches – tried it before, but our picky eater remained stubbornly picky 🙂 This looks fun though – thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

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Jennifer Dawn Oliver Shelton -

We love Kiwi Crate too! You video is adorable!

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Kathie Rutherford -

I LOVE this sight!!!