No Blend, 1 Ingredient Baby Popsicles

Genius! These popsicles are no blend and takes 2 minutes to make. Perfect for a teething baby!

In our house, popsicles are a life saver.

If you need 10 minutes of alone time to make dinner, feed the kid and the baby a popsicle.
If someone is cranky, feed them a popsicle.
If they are still cranky, feed them another popsicle.
If someone won’t eat their veggetables, no problem! Make it into a popsicle!

Before you judge me for using popsicles as a solution, here’s what you need to know: our popsicles are homemade with all natural ingredients and they are totally sugar free. It’s fruits and veggies on a stick – which is why I don’t mind feeding it to my kids before dinner. And they’re baby size, which is why I let them have 2 =)

When I saw this popsicle idea on Heinz Baby Facebook page, I knew I had to adopt it.

I decided to do this with food pouches that are squeezable (does someone know the proper name for this???)  since I could directly squeeze the contents into the popsicle mould and save myself from washing a spoon =)

use food pouches to make baby popsicles

My kids have always been a fan of food pouches and use them a lot during our summer outings.

I put some in the freezer and take out a couple when we go out. When the kids are ready for a snack, the pouches will be half frozen so the kids think they’re drinking/eating a slushy =)

If you’re packing a picnic with a couple sandwiches, the squeeze pouches acts as an ice pack to keep your sandwiches cool. Smart, right? I learned that from my mom =)


These ones here are from Heinz Baby and they are all natural with no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or modified starches added. You can use any baby food you have, the glass jars works great as well, you just need to spoon it into your mold.

I figured this is easy to do so I let Elle make these baby popsicles. She went with Tropical Fruit Yogurt flavor and we used our favourite popsicle mold. This popsicle mold is from Zoku and we love it because it makes mini pops and there never is any spillage because the kids finishes it before the popsicle melts =)

squeeze food pouch to make baby popsicles

Making popsicles are pretty self explanatory so I don’t need to provide any instructions, right?

use food pouches to make baby popsicles

These little baby popsicles are also very handy for babies and toddlers who are teething. Jay only has a few teeth and we are expecting a lot more to come so we’ll be needing these quite often.

Now that Elle can make popsicles all on her own, she’ll be the designated popsicle maker =)

Heinz has a lot of different varieties of baby and toddler food. They don’t use any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, modified starches or fillers. Everything is all natural =) They even have dessert for babies! Go check it out!

Disclosure – This post was brought to you by Heinz Baby. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Heinz Baby.
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Catriona Coomber -

where do you get the baby Popsicle maker?

Dabbling Momma -

love that popsicle maker….know where to get one? I’ve tried the pouches with my daughter once but she didn’t seem to like it. I’m gonna try again….!

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