Pasta & Bead Threading – Pasta Crafts for Kids

With the pasta that we dyed recently, I wanted to create some really simple crafts and invitations to play for Elle.

Since we recently bought furniture and saved some styrofoam, I thought now would be a good time to set up a tray for Elle to ‘string’ pasta onto sticks.

This pasta and bead threading is a great activity to develop those fine motor skills. This post also includes other pasta crafts for kids.

If ‘invitation to play’ is a new term to you, it simply is a collection of materials set up for your child to play how ever they like. The activities are open ended with no end result. It encourages the child to explore and create. Here is great article explaining the process.

For this invitation to play, I gathered a variety of ‘stuff’ with holes in it from our craft cabinet and put them in a few bowls on a tray. This took 5 minutes to set up and it kept the little girl busy for 15 minutes – enough time for me to chop some vegetables for dinner =)

pasta crafts for kids on a tray

Pasta Craft for Kids

Here, we have some rainbow pasta we dyed, wooden beads, small plastic beads, and the plastic caps from those baby/kid puree food pouches. (yes, I save them for crafts =) )

For the sticks, I gave Elle a handful of match sticks and some bamboo skewers.

For the base, we used a piece of styrofoam.

Adopting This for Babies and Toddlers

Since Jay (my other kid who is 1 year old) was not home at this time, I was comfortable setting up this tray with small beads and bamboo sticks.

If you have small children, I would recommend using pasta and other ‘stringing’ items that are big enough for your toddler to handle.

I would also replace the bamboo sticks with spaghetti and use playdough as a base instead of styrofoam.

What to Do

After the tray is ready, I put it by the window for the little girl to discover. The reason why I put this on the floor instead of the table is because by changing the scenery of where she usually plays/works, it could spark creativity and imagination, causing her to see this with a new perspective. Also, there is way better light in front of the window for pictures =)

pasta crafts for kids

When Elle was ready to play with this, I quickly showed her what to do, then I explained she is welcome to play as she pleases as long as she keeps it in this area.

pasta crafts for kids to play

For whatever reason, she only wanted to play with the pasta and the beads and didn’t touch the other stuff. Sometimes kids are just like that =)

pasta crafts for kids on styrofoam

She then got creative and put multiple bamboo skewers through the pasta. Why not?

When she was done with ‘stringing’, she decided to explore the boundaries of the styrofoam by poking the skewer through it and breaking the styrofoam apart….it’s not what I had in mind but it is an invitation to explore and play, right?

how to dye pasta for kids crafts

Make Your Own Rainbow Pasta

For this activity, we used the pasta we made from this post. Be sure to check it out as it has a few tips and tricks to help you dye the most perfect pasta every time =)


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Ciara Winters O'Donohoe -

Love this, so simple, yet effective, have pinned it to try with my 2 and 4 year old children. thanks for sharing

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Great fine motor activity for little ones

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What a great activity! Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop!

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Love this idea! We actually have some left over dyed pasta and now I know what we are going to do with it! Thanks for sharing on We Made That Wednesday!

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Great ideas, very simple, yet fun and effective.

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This looks so colourful and so much fun – even I would be tempted to have a go..! 😉

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Love how you used the styrofoam!