Craft Crates to Spark Creativity – Monthly Subscription Craft Crates for Kids

One look at Elle and you could see how creative she is with her clothing choices.

Aside from having her express her creativity with fashion, I’m also teaching her to channel this energy towards all areas of her life, in particular more traditional things like arts and crafts.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.   ~Albert Einstein

Even as a mom who loves crafting, sometimes I run out of ideas, especially when I’m tired or too busy. Researching activities, buying the materials and organizing it takes a lot of time and energy which I often don’t have.

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Thank goodness for Kiwi Crate! In our minds, it’s THE BEST monthly subscription craft crates for kids out there! They send me at least 2 craft/art activities each month for Elle and I could do together. These activities are super fun (even for me!) and it helps Elle develop a lot of developmental skills as well as creativity and imagination. You can read the reasons why we love Kiwi Crate here.

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With a recent crate we got in the mail, Elle and I explored what it’s like to be a secret agent.

We used the ‘My Disguise Kit’ and created masks to disguise our identity. As you can see, all the materials are included and they are so neatly packaged together.

fun craft subscription boxes

I’m just so impressed with the quality and the amounts of the crafts in the craft kits. There is always left over stickers or crayons/markers that we can use for other crafts.

the best kids craft subscription

During our crafting time, she kept asking for my help. This girl is perfectly capable of sticking things together herself and what I think she really wanted was to sit on my lap and be close to me =) This is actually really special to me as physical affection is not one of her stronger love languages. The only time she wants to cuddle with me is the 5 seconds in the morning when she first wakes up.

fun craft subscription for kids

After she pretended to be ‘Amelia’, she used our disguises as puppets and made up a little puppet dance along with an original song. It amazes me how this girl could just make up her own tunes and put unintelligible words to her music.

fun craft subscription for kids kiwi crate

Usually with Kiwi Crate, we space out the activities and do one at a time. Since Jay was at his Grandparents and we had so much fun with the masks, we decided to make the periscope that came with the crate.

fun craft subscription for kids kiwi crate

To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about periscopes or how they work. While she was decorating the periscope, I took time to read the instructions booklet which also tells you how periscopes work and what they’re used for.

the best craft subscription for kids

After I got a little smarter, I told Elle the purpose of the mirrors and why we have to put them in the right spots.

the best monthly craft subscription

When the periscope was put together, we took turns spying on each other. She’s working on being a better hider =)

kids monthly subscription craft kit

Another thing about Kiwi Crate I love. Not only do they give you 2 activities, there is always a little ‘something else’ for you to have fun with in every monthly subscription craft crate for the kids.

In this crate, we got a UV light pen to write secret messages with. This has got to be the coolest pen I’ve ever played with =) There is also a booklet of other activities we could do like using lemon and wax resist to write secret messages.

When we were done playing at home, we took the crafts to her Grandparents. Before ringing the door bell, we walked up to the window and spied on them first with the periscope. We were very discreet and only our giggles gave us away. After we’ve been discovered, we rung the doorbell and played ding-dong-dash with our masks =)

I really can’t say enough good things about Kiwi Crate’s craft kits. It helps me connect with Elle and learn with her when I feel I don’t have enough time in the day.

You could get the craft kits delivered to your door every month starting at $16.95 which includes free shipping. And yes, they do ship to Canada =)

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If you already subscribe to Kiwi Crate, comment below and tell me what you love about them!

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*disclosure: I really think Kiwi Crate is the best thing since sliced bread. Elle and I love them, which is why I’m sharing about it here with you. By clicking on the affiliate links and getting Kiwi Crate, not only are you going to have so much fun with your kids, you are also supporting our family. Thank you so much =)

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