Silhouette Matching Game and Busy Bag Ideas

Doesn’t this game look fun!?

I’m so in love with the colorful graphics and the simplicity of this game.

You can play this matching game 3 ways and it’s a great game for busy bags. Free printable download.

Just like the Color and Pattern Matching Game we played with few weeks ago, this game is also very easy to prepare. All you need to do is download the printable (below), cut it out and play!

While we were playing the game, I taught Elle the names of the different types of vehicles and whether they’re used on land, air or water. In hindsight, I should’ve labelled each vehicle so she can learn the letters of their names.

Version 1 – Side By Side Matching

You can play this matching game 3 ways and it’s a great game for busy bags. Free printable download.

The easiest and fastest-to-set-up way to play this game is to cut both the vehicle and silhouette into rectangles along the line. The kids can match them by placing them beside each other.

Version 2 – Matching Vehicle On Top Of Silhouette

You can play this matching game 3 ways and it’s a great game for busy bags. Free printable download.

With this variation, the purpose is to match the cut out vehicle and place it directly on the silhouette. I would image this version is easier for a smaller child so they can see if they made the right match.

You can play this matching game 3 ways and it’s a great game for busy bags. Free printable download.

This is the version I chose to laminate my pieces in and it really is a labor of love. First, I cut out all the silhouette pieces along the line so they’re rectangles. Then I cut out all the colorful vehicle pieces according to their shapes. Next, I laminated all the pieces with my super-easy-to-use-everyone-should-have-one laminator then cut out all the pieces again.

Version 3 – Memory Matching Game

You can play this matching game as a memory game and it’s a great game for busy bags. Free printable download.

After we played version 2 of this game, Elle decided to create her own version by turning over all the pieces and making a memory matching game. As always, she surprised me by doing things her way and coming up with something new.

We took turns flipping the cards over and making matches which adds another element to this simple game.

Download this Silhouette Matching Game

matching game for kids

To get this printable, click here.

Make a Busy Bag With This Game

When I created this game, I knew it would be part of our busy bag collection. I made these pieces so they’re small enough to fit into a sandwich size zip lock bag.

Busy bags are great tools to have when you’re going out for a meal. They’ll provide some fun for the kiddos while you’re waiting for your food. I also laminated the pieces so they’re super durable and can be cleaned with the swipe of a cloth. Also, these will need to last so Jay could play with them when he’s older.

More Busy Bag Ideas

This Pinterest board below has lots of different busy bags ideas. Check it out, I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your fancy =)

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