Mason Jar Favors with Colored Rice

mason jar favors with colored rice for party

When the little guy had his first birthday party, I wanted to make party favors for the kids of things he likes.

2 things came to mind: the boy LOVES playing in his rice sensory bin and he LOVES balloons! (maybe because he was announced with balloons for our gender reveal photoshoot?)

Since the kids who came to Jay’s party are all little, I figured they would all enjoy playing with rice, so we made these beautiful mason jar favors filled with colored rice for them to take home.

mason jar favors with colored rice

I wanted to make these mason jar favors super pretty so I searched online for any balloon clipart or balloon themed party printables and found this beautiful hot air balloon party printables from Printastic Design. (Giveaway at the end of this post)

After a really easy download, I got to work and made a band to go around the mason jar and a topper to go on top. Since I know some of our little friends have never played with colored rice, I put some instructions on the back of the band.

colored rice in mason jar favors

Then Elle and I got our shake on and colored about 25 cups of rice. We picked 3 colors from the hot air balloon printable and made yellow, green and blue rice. (Instructions below)

When the rice dried, we decided to do some jars with the 3 colors mixed together and some in color blocks.

color rice to put in mason jar favors

How to Color Rice and Some Useful Tips

Coloring rice is REALLY easy and lots of fun! When Elle and I colored rice last year, we made up a shake it song and danced while shaking =)

  1. In a jar, put in a few pumps of hand sanitizer.*
  2. Add in some food coloring and mix it with the hand sanitizer.**
  3. Fill your jar with rice about 2/3 to ¾ full.
  4. Shake it, shake it, shake it!
  5. When rice is evenly coated, empty jar into a cookie sheet to dry. (less than 1 hours)
  6. Repeat with other colors.***

* Tip 1 – I would say for every 1-2 cup of rice you’re coloring, use about 1 tablespoon of hand sanitizer. This will help you spread the food coloring better.

** Tip 2 – You can use liquid or gel food coloring. Liquid is easier to blend but isn’t as vibrant.  Gel will give you more vibrantly colored rice but make sure you mix it really well with the hand sanitizer to break up the clumps. We used this gel coloring made by Wilton to get these beautiful colors.

colored rice in mason jar favors

*** Tip 3 – If you’re coloring more than 1 color, I suggest starting with the lightest color first so you don’t have to wash your jar! We did yellow first, then green, then blue =)

**** Tip 4 – If you’re working with a small child and want to avoid a mess, use a piece of paper to make a funnel when pouring the rice in the jar.

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PS – You probably noticed there is a ‘hot air balloon mason jar’ in one of the pictures. I did make one for the party as a center piece. The tutorial and more pictures of that will come soon =)

PPS – The very kind Leah from Printastic Designs also made Jay a customized birthday pennant for his party and I also printed some small hot air balloons to make a pennant for his birthday cake =)

Livia Wright Taylor -

I remember making little jars of rice for my daughter when she was itty bitty! Adding the coloring just makes it that much more fun.

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This is such a gorgeous idea!
Thank you so much for sharing at #Pintorials

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Very cute party favor. Thanks for sharing with After School Link Up!

Alicia Owen -

This is the coolest idea! Definitely saving this for future party ideas for my daughter. 🙂

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This is such a cute idea! {pinning!}