Lunch Box Notes Origami – Free Printable

Lunch box notes origami with printables

I’ve always loved the idea of including a little love note in my kids’ lunch box.

I imagine Elle taking her sandwich packaged in a pink polka dotted paper bag out of her lunch box and peaking inside the box to find a pink origami heart. I can see the excitement on her face as she unwraps the origami and the slight smile she wears as she reads my message. I imagine her thinking to herself ‘awww, mommy loves me so much’, feeling super special that I’m thinking of her even though we aren’t physically together at that moment.

Then I’m back to reality, realizing she is only 4 and is in half day preschool. Half day preschools doesn’t get a lunch. They get a snack. And she doesn’t bring a snack because the parents take turns bringing it for the whole class.

But just because she doesn’t bring or lunch or a snack doesn’t mean I can’t write her lunch box notes, right?

Lunch box notes, 2 designs, free printables

So I decided to write notes for her to open in the morning before school starts. Something special and encouraging to let her know how proud I am of her for having the right attitude about learning and having a spirit of excellence as she completes her tasks.

I want to set her up for success by giving her some positive and uplifting words, packaged nicely in a cute little envelope.

Free printable of lunch box notes

Aren’t these cute? You could totally make these with square origami paper but since I don’t have any, I just made my own printable. Also, I made markings on the paper so you know where to match certain points.

You can download my version of this lunch box notes printable for free!  There are 2 color ways, 1 in gold and the other in taupe.

Just pop in your name and email below and it’ll be delivered to your inbox. In addition to this free printable, you’ll have access to other printables and be kept up to date when we create new ones, totally free!

To fold this origami envelop, here are the instructions. I make better pictures than I do words so follow the pictures below =)


How to fold envelope origami. Perfect for lunch box notes! Free printable.

how to make an origami heartIf you like these lunch box notes, you might also like these origami heart love notes. Yes, it also comes with a printable so you can download and print them =) Enjoy!

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