indoor fishing

Elle’s grandpa LOVES to fish and I think Elle picked up some of his passion.

Elle has so much fun when her grandpa takes her fishing at a nearby neighbourhood lake. He would stand beside her and guide her hand as she waves the rod in and out of water. Of course she’s not really fishing and this is totally safe. The smart man took the hook off of the fishing line but left the weight at the end for some weight. Elle would giggle and laugh as they bounce the weight in and out of water.

So when I saw this Indoor Fishing project on Kiwi Crate, I knew I had to do this with Elle.

fun toddler and children activities

While we were playing the game, I tried to make it educational by giving her challenges like ‘can you catch 2 yellow fishes?’ and ‘can you catch 2 fishes with your fishing rod? How about 3 fishes?’. Then I taught her about magnets and metal,  and asked her to find other things in the house the magnet would stick to.

This project is really fun to make and doesn’t cost a whole lot either. It kept the little girl occupied for about 40 minutes toddler and children activities

Here are the supplies for this project…

  • stick
  • string or yarn
  • magnet
  • pipe cleaners
  • blue paper (optional)
  • wire cutters

fun toddler and children activities

How we put this activity together…

Fishing Pole

  • Find a stick to use as a fishing pole. I cut off a branch from the apple tree in the backyard and took off the leaves.
  • Tie a piece of string or yarn to the end of the stick
  • At the other end of the string, glue on a magnet. My husband have these tiny cube magnets from I don’t know where. I used 2 of those and sandwiched it between some washi tape.

Fishes and Pond

  • Cut the pipe cleaners in half.
  • Bend it in half and twist the ends to make the tail.
  • Cut a water shape out of the blue paper (optional)

To Play

  • Put the fish in the pond and use the fishing pole to catch the fish =)

fun toddler and children activities

Busy Parent?

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Give the gift of creativity with Kiwi Crate!

Daniela Duriavig -

Adorable craft! I grew up with a fishing dad, so this brings back lots of memories.

Crayon Box Chronicles -

Hi Amy. This is darling! I adore the little fishes. Great motor practice too. Thank you for sharing on our page. Pinned! 🙂

Rosilind Jukic -

Ohhh – this looks like a super fun game. I’m going to have to do this with my kids.

Madhulika Kherwa -

This is so easy and great…I defintely going to try it.i m so happy to found you Amy