{Kid Safe} Glow In The Dark Glitter Jars

Who like things that glow in the dark? There’s something so magical and mysterious about things that glow when everything around it is dark.

When I saw this diy glow in the dark firefly jar in Kiwi Crate’s Explore magazine, I knew Elle and I have to make this for our ‘backyard camping night’.

Kid safe glow in the dark glitter jars

One of the things on our summer bucket list this summer is to ‘go camping’ in our backyard. It’s really just a fancy way of saying ‘hey, let’s set up a tent in the backyard and sleep in there for a night!’. This is super exciting for a 3 year old!

To make this glow in the dark jar, Kiwi Crate suggested we use glow in the dark paints. I didn’t even know such thing existed!

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After doing a bit of research on Amazon and reading mixed reviews about different brands of paint, I discovered Martha Stewart has a glow in the dark glitter with great reviews! I figured I could modify this craft and use glitter instead of paint. I think everyone would agree that glitter is way funner than paint, right? (Funner is a word. If it’s not, it should!)

Oh, and let me just interrupt this with a little trivia.

Did you know fireflies can glow yellow, green or even orange?! I didn’t know that either! Something we learned in the Kiwi Crate magazine!

Materials You’ll Need

How To Make Glow In The Dark Glitter Jars

diy glow in the dark jars

First, pour some glue into your paint cups. We used a really glitter glue just because we have some but white school glue will be just fine.

I gave the little girl instructions to dip the brush in the glue and apply dots all over the insides of the jar, starting with the bottle first.

How to make a diy glitter jar

For a 3.75 year old, the first 30 seconds are dots. The rest of it is more like a smear…

Since the glue was smeared all over the jar, I decided to just cover the whole inside of the jar with glue, which is very easy for younger kids to do. I’m sure older kids will have a lot more control =)

How to make diy glitter jars

Once the glue is applied, we put about 2 tablespoon of glitter into the jar. The glitter comes with 2 openings – one with bigger holes and one with smaller holds. The little girl experimented with both and decided she likes the bigger holes better.

When I was making the jar with Elle, I took my time dotting my jar. After I did the bottom half of the jar, I was scared the glue will dry so I put in about 1 tablespoon of glitter then rolled it around the jar. When the glue was coated, I continued the top half of the jar.

How to make a diy glow in the dark jar

Once you have enough glitter, close the lid and shake the jar! We sang our usual ‘shake shake’ song =)

When all the glue dots are covered in glow in the dark glitter, pour out the excess onto a piece of paper so you could dump it back in the glitter container.

How to make a diy glow in the dark jar

We then left the jar uncovered by a windowsill for a couple hours so it could dry and ‘charge up’.

Bring your glow in the dark glitter jar somewhere dark and be amazed!

More Summer DIY Crafts And Activities

Now that our glow in the dark glitter jars are ready, we’re waiting for our June Kiwi Crate craft kit where we get to build a light-up campfire. Perfect for our backyard camping night!

I’m so excited about  Kiwi Crate’s Summer Adventure Series. We get 3 craft kits from June to August which are summer themed. We get to make crabs and play games with them, paint using soap bubbles, make a squirting game, make backpacks using sun power and build bumper cars! We also get to learn how amusement park rides work, how the moon affects tides and learn about animals that live at the beach. Doesn’t that sound fun!?


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Love love love!!! We will be making this for our camping trip. My 2yr old loves glow in the dark (who doesn’t really?) and this is perfect!

Jessica Fateh -

Lol, yes I’ll be camping for real and I had already thought of plastic being the better option than glass in this case. I also have some glow in the dark pony beads that I thought I would play around with. I think this will also serve as a nice “night light” in the tent. I’ll let you know how how it goes!

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