Friendship Painting – Friendship Craft For Kids

2 kids + paper + balls + 2 frames = friendship craft for kids

This fun activity was invented out of a night of hanging with my gal Tairalyn at Little Miss Mama.

I vaguely remember how this conversion went.

We were chatting about the convenience of a ‘mess-free finger painting’ project Tairalyn and Sophia (her daughter) did a while ago, a topic I could totally relate to since my kids make huge messes when they paint.

I then told a story of how we tried painting with balls in an enclosed container. The activity itself was really fun since the kids could shake/tip/bang the box to move the balls inside and all the mess is contained.

2 kids + paper + balls + 2 frames = friendship craft for kids

One idea led to another and we soon came up with this friendship craft for kids that is relatively clean to do, teaches kids balance and gravity, teamwork and co-operation, and produces meaningful art pieces for them to remember each other by.

Friendship Painting – Friendship Craft For Kids

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Here is a list of what you need:

  • A piece of poster board
  • Different colors of paint
  • A couple bowls for dipping the balls in paint
  • Different types of balls. We used 1 tennis ball and a few large marbles.
  • Cardboard box large enough to hold your poster board with 1-2” sides
  • 2 picture frames

Creating A Painting With Rolling Balls

First, we taped the poster board to the inside of the box. We had to trim the poster board to get it to fit.

friendship painting for kids crafts

For our painting device, we started with a tennis ball dipped in pink paint. We (the adults) poured some paint into a bowl and rolled the tennis ball in it. Since the tennis ball is so hairy (I never thought this is a thing I would ever say!), it absorbed a lot of the paint so we had to pour more paint into the bowl.

friendship painting for kids

When the ball is nicely coated, we dropped it into the box and got the girls to use their arms and body to make ‘paint trails’ on the paper.

After a few back and forth’s, we realized Sophia needs to be elevated a little to match Elle’s height. The ball kept rolling into Sophia’s side and it was hard for her to lift the box high enough to roll it back to Elle. This was a really good game for the girls to work together to get the ball to go when they want it.

Painting friendship crafts kids

When we were done with the pink, we coated a few large marbles with purple paint and repeated the process.

friendship crafts kids

Since the marbles are glass and didn’t absorb a lot of ink like the tennis ball, it only left short little ‘paint trails’. We didn’t want to re-ink the balls every 10 seconds so we dropped a few dollop of paints in the middle of the box so the balls could re-ink itself =)

painting friendship crafts kids handprint

When the painting dried, we used the glass of our picture frames to trace out a section of the large painting we want to keep.

friendship painting for kids crafts

With some white paint, we got the girls to put a hand print on their area of the painting. When those hand prints dried, we cut along the line that was traced earlier and put the paintings in the frames.

A painting made by 2 friends - a friendship crafts for kids.

Isn’t this cute? Now this painting is ready to go in Elle’s room, which we are in the process of redecorating. I’ll have to post some pictures when it’s done =)


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