Felt Garland – Easy Christmas Ornaments

I first came across a holiday garland from Kiwi Crate. They made a really cute and easy Valentine garland with hearts and I knew I had to adopt it and make a Christmas version.

I wanted our garland to have different Christmas shapes in some fun colours so I gathered up some felt in orange, fuchsia, turquoise and yellow.

easy to make christmas ornaments

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To make the felt cut outs, I used some Christmas cookie cutters and traced it directly onto the felt. I suppose you could trace the shapes onto a piece of cardboard first and use that as a template.

Since the little girl is 3 and is in the process of fine tuning her cutting skills, I cut out the shapes for her.

We then took some googly eyes and glued them to the shapes that have faces like the snowmen and gingerbread girls and boys. If your kids are old enough, I would recommend doing this with a glue gun for better adhesion.

easy christmas ornaments for kids

We have our different sizes of googly eyes in a little container. When I gave Elle this container, she dump the whole thing out onto the table and spread out the eyes all over the table. As a mother who likes things tidy, I got a little annoyed but decided to hold my tongue and watch what she’d do. Then she used her pointing finger and began moving the tiny eyes into a pile. She wanted to sort them!

This is such a great teaching moment for me because I learned that sometimes our expectations of our children actually limits their growth. By giving them room to explore, they’ll learn things I didn’t even think to teach them.

easy christmas ornaments for kids

Back to our craft.

After the googly eyes are dried, we stuck the shapes onto our ribbon. We used a plain satin ribbon and made one the length of our mantle and one the length of our picture shelve.

To stick the shapes to the ribbon, we pressed the ribbon onto a craft glue dot and remove it from the wax paper. Then we stuck a felt shape on the glue dot and pressed it down really well.

easy kid made christmas ornaments

It was a bit challenging to manoeuvre the ribbon onto the glue dots while making sure the glue is on the right side. If you have older kids who can use a glue gun, it would be a much better option. We tried to use plain white glue but the ribbon absorbs it and the felt shapes doesn’t stick.

We also wanted the shapes to be even spaced apart so I gave the little girl a 6″ ruler and taught her to measure – 1 shape per ruler width.

That’s it! It’s that easy! An easy christmas orna

To hang the garland on the edge of the shelves of our photo wall, I used these removable glue dots.

easy to make christmas ornaments


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