spooky glowing eyes – easy halloween craft for kids

I don’t know how it happened but now that my daughter is 3, we go through SO MUCH toilet paper! I was really oblivious to our usage until we started collecting TP rolls for crafts and all of a sudden, we got a handful of them sitting on top of the tank.

halloween decoration ideas for kids

So when I saw this cute Halloween craft in Kiwi Crate’s magazine (it came with our craft kit subscription), I thought this would be a great craft to use up all those TP rolls.

kiwi crate magazine for kids

Now let me just say, this new magazine Kiwi Crate came out with is just amazing. I’m so impressed every time I see an issue. There’s lots of other DIY activities you could do as well as comics to read and other drawing prompts.

easy halloween crafts

Going back to our craft, we modified the original instructions and turned it into a Halloween decoration by putting a string on it to make the eyes float. Our intent is to make a bunch and hang them on our tree in the front yard on Halloween night to spook the trick-or-treaters.

simple halloween crafts for kids

When you make this, make sure you use the glow sticks like the ones we used. I had 5 TP rolls and 4 glow sticks so I thought I could use a skinny bracelet glow stick by bending it in half and putting it in the tube. This actually caused the glow stick to break and the liquid inside leaked out. I have no idea what this stuff is or if it’s poisonous or not so we quickly washed our hands REALLY well. Lesson learned: don’t bend a glow stick so much it breaks (duh!).

easy halloween crafts for kids

Since the diameter of the tube is quite wide and I only have 1″ masking tape, we had to improvise and put 3 pieces of tape together to make a rectangle, put it on the tube and trimmed off the corners.

After we made these little guys, we turned off the light in the house and walked around carrying them like lanterns. It’s actually really neat to see the eyes floating and moving in the air. It’s so amazing something so simple could be so much fun =)

halloween decoration ideas for kids

Supplies For This Easy Halloween Craft

  • toilet paper rolls
  • tape
  • glowsticks
  • string

How To Make Spooky Glowing Eyes

  1. Crease 1 side of the TP roll and cut out 2 triangles.
  2. Make a small hole at the top of the tube.
  3. String the piece of string through the hole. Tie a few knots so it’s big enough to not come through the hole.
  4. Tape 1 end of the tube shut with tape.
  5. Activate the glow stick and put it in the tube.
  6. Tape the other end of the tube shut.
  7. Hang them up in the kids room or hang them on a tree on Halloween night!

For some extra spooky Halloween fun that involves toilet paper rolls, check out this Toilet Paper Roll Ghosts, Paper Roll Mummies, Toilet Roll Monsters and this Silly Monsters.

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ps – Did you know some mushrooms glow in the dark?!??! I had no idea either! These little snippets of info are found throughout Kiwi Crate’s magazine.

*disclosure: Please note that I am both an affiliate for, and a user of Kiwi Crate. My daughter and I love them, which is why I’m sharing about it here with you. I’m just so impressed with their craft kits and couldn’t say enough good stuff about them =)


Bonnie Way -

Those are cool!

Parrish Wilson -

Fun! Definitely trying these with my 3 year old 🙂

The Multitasking Mummy -

These are really really cool!

Shawna Scafe -

What a cute idea! I think I’m gonna have to check out Kiwi Crate very soon.

Brandee Foster -

What a fun idea! It always seems like we have a billion TP rolls around, so this would be a great thing to try.

Daniela Duriavig -

What a great idea! I love when you can make something so cute with such simple materials.

AG Measuredmom -

Ha! My husband was just saying that we go through a lot less diapers with 3 potty trained kids, but man do we run out of toilet paper fast. Love this idea – and thanks for linking up at After School!

Hollie Pollard -

Really love this idea, and yes toilet paper rolls do stack up so always great when you can find a way to use them.

Heather Van Mil -

I love this!! We always have so many toilet paper rolls floating around, so this is perfect! My daughter will love them

Brooke Takhar -

Fun fun fun! Crafts that are spooky but don’t scare the crap out of my 3 year old are perfect!

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