Craft Kits For Busy Parents – Kiwi Crate Review

As busy mothers, we’re always on the look out for ideas and things that’ll make our lives easier.

From fun kid friendly meal ideas to educational crafts to keep those little hands busy, we want things that are easy and hassle free and Kiwi Crate fits right in.

kiwi crate reviews

If you haven’t heard, Kiwi crate is a craft kit mailed to your child(ren) every month. Each kit contains 2 crafts to keep those young minds learning and creating.

Elle and I LOVE Kiwi Crate. Sometimes I think I love it more than her =) Here is our  Kiwi Crate review and why we love them…

most creative and engaging activities

kiwi crate craft kits for kids

They put their brightest brains together to give you the most creative and engaging activities. This saves you tons of time from researching activities on the internet. Each crate also has a theme such as Storytelling, Feathered Friends, Modern Art, Things That Glow, etc. and includes 2 activities that supports that theme. They also have some single one time crates available and you can see them here.

reviewed by child development experts

The activities are educational and reviewed by experts such as professors of education, arts educator and child psychologists. They make sure your children are learning and developing new skills.

super easy instructions

kiwi crate reviews

The instructions include pictures with a few words so even a 3 year old who can’t read can follow the directions!

the Explore magazine!!!

kiwi crate magazine for kids

This is probably my favourite item in the box! Each kit comes with a magazine with so many more fun things you could do with your kids! There’s a comic for them to read, drawing prompts, cute meal ideas and more craft ideas (printables are included so just cut and put together!)

Some activities we did from the magazine are these Spooky Glowing Eyes for Halloween and this super cute Jelly Fish Sandwich. We even made this cute video here =)

confidence booster

kiwi crate kids craft kit

Elle feels so proud of herself when she finishes an activity. By allowing her to ‘read’ the instructions and do things on her own, she’s learning skills to be independent.

safety first!

I’m so impressed with how much care they put into making sure the supplies are safe! We did a craft involving pipe cleaners and the ends of them were turned in to prevent poking anyone! Impressive, right?

spending quality time with my child

kiwi crate arts and crafts for kids fun with flight box

Kiwi Crate helps me connect and bond with my little girl through these activities. It makes my children feel loved and valued to spend time with them creating and learning new things. The fact that the activities are fun and educational is a bonus =)

they mail the craft kit to your child

kiwi crate review

Elle feels SO special to see her name on the green box! Who doesn’t like getting fun things in the mail?

they teach me things I don’t even know!

Did you know…

  • Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian painter who liked to think of his art as music.
  • Some mushrooms glow in the dark.
  • Fireflies can glow yellow, green, or even orange.
  • There’s a jellyfish shaped like a box instead of a bowl.

everything is in the box

kiwi crate review promo code

All the supplies are included for you so there’s no need to go out and hunt down materials for your craft. What a huge time saver! You also save money too because you don’t need to buy a whole package of supplies and only use a little bit of it.

Get It Now!

Really, you can’t go wrong with Kiwi Crate. You and your children will have so much fun doing this together while learning new things.

You can also gift a craft kit to a little person in your life. This here will give you all the info =)

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*disclosure: My daughter and I LOVE Kiwi Crate which is why I’m sharing about it here with you. Please note that I am both an affiliate for, and a user of Kiwi Crate’s craft kit for kids. Thank you for supporting my family!

Mary Kellow -

Thanks for this review! This is probably the best review about Kiwi crate I’ve read!

Livia Wright Taylor -

I hear such great things about Kiwi Crate. I bet this would be a great gift idea… meaning I ask my parents to subscribe for my daughter’s birthday, even if it’s just for a few months. I hate coming up with ideas on my own and I’d love to just have KC send me all the stuff in one box and have at it!

Emma Supermum White -

Aw looks fab my kids would love this x