Sticky Play – Contact Paper Crafts for Toddlers

Ever since the little boy turned 1, he’s really taken an interest in what his big sister does.

Whenever Elle is involved in an activity, the little boy would be right in there getting a piece of the action only to be pushed/moved/shooed by his big sister. The poor boy is so sensitive he’d look at me with some watery sad eyes with huge pout and starts crying. My heart just breaks for him when he wears that face.


Since I’ve done so many activities with Elle, I decided to put together an activity just for Jay and I to do together. It’ll be a chance for us to have some mommy and Jay time =)

This contact paper craft was inspired by something I saw at House of Burke, where a baby/toddler was giving a piece of contact paper with some black yarn to make a spider web. They also have more contact paper crafts for toddlers like this ‘contact paper chick‘ if you’re interested.

How to Create this Contact Paper Craft/Activity

My main goal of this activity is for Jay to feel the stickiness of the paper as well has have fun sticking things to it.

To set this up, I cut out a piece of clear contact paper as well as gathered some things I have around the house like yarn, shredded paper and some small dyed pasta we made a few weeks ago.

For this activity, I thought it would be fun for Jay to crawl over the paper and have his hands and little legs stuck to the paper so I taped the paper on the floor. If you want, you could tape the paper to a wall.

A Tip for Working With Contact Paper


Clear contact paper can be hard to work with when peeling and sticking it to any surface. If you take the whole piece of paper backing off then try to tape the sticky sheet of plastic to the wall/floor, there’s a high chance the sheet will get stuck to itself and you’ll end up with a mess.

Here’s a tip:

With the paper side up, peel a bit of the paper backing off a corner to expose the sticky plastic. Apply a piece of tape to that sticky plastic and fold the paper backing back to it’s original position. Repeat with the other 3 corners.

Now the tape is in place, you can tape the contact paper anywhere you wish and hold it to the wall with the 4 pieces of tape you just put on. Once you got it in place, just gently peel off the paper backing. If you’re working with a big piece, use some more tape to tape it down.

Play Time!


After the contact paperis in place, I let Jay crawl on it first to explore this new material. He was really intrigued with the tape I used to tape it down and picked at it with his tiny fingers. As he was moving about the contact paper, I told him he’s on sticky paper and kept repeating the word ‘sticky’ to him.

(If you have a drooly baby like me, a little drool on the contact paper won’t hurt =) )

When I put the cups of yarn and shredded paper in front of him, he immediate turned the cups over and dumped everything onto the floor. This totally wasn’t how I imagined it. I thought he would take the cup and gently place each yarn on the paper….who am I kidding, the kid’s only1.


After the boy spread the yarn and paper everywhere, he was intrigued with the ones stuck on the contact paper. He tried to move them with his hands and they wouldn’t budge. This is when I told him again the surface is sticky and the yarn is stuck. I also held his hands and helped him feel the texture of his creation, saying words like ‘fuzzy’ for the yarn and ‘rough’ for the paper shreds.

After a while, I gave him the dyed pasta and said words like ‘bumpy’ and ‘pasta’ and told him the colours of the rings.


As you can see, you know when he’s done with this =)

This was a really simple activity / craft for toddlers to set up and the boy played with it for a good 20 minutes. The clean up was super easy even though it looks messy. I just scooped everything into a pile with my hands and threw it away.

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P.S. Are your kids droolly too or is it just mine?

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I came across the whole “contact paper & yarn” idea on Pinterest awhile ago. I finally tried it out a few weeks ago with my daughter and she wasn’t as excited about it as I was. :/ Maybe when she’s older. 😀

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What a fun idea! I pinned it. Thanks for linking up to TGIF. Have a GREAT weekend,
Beth =)

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