Color & Pattern Matching Game for Kids

This Color & Pattern Matching Game for kids using popsicle sticks is a great game for kids who are learning counting, colors and practising their fine motor skills.

Matching game for kids FREE printable download

If you’re into making busy bags for your kids, then this game will fit very nicely into a sandwich zip lock bag. You could download this below with instructions of how to put this together.

Matching game for kids with sticks

I created this game with the intent that kids could either play by putting the popsicle sticks directly on the card, or for more of a challenge, they could use the cards as templates and build the pattern on the table.

When I made this game, I thought it would be a cinch for Elle to do. Then she played with it and I realize this is quite challenging for her (she’s 3.5 years old).

Color & pattern matching game for kids popsicle sticks with FREE printable download

Elle is very good with colors and counting. She counted the number of sticks she needs for each color and collected her sticks, then placed them neatly beside the pattern card. She didn’t have a particular order when placing the sticks like left to right or up to down. She picked up whichever one from her pile and placed it on the matching color.

pattern matching game for kids

The challenging part for her was placing the sticks on the card when there’s more than 2 popsicle sticks.

As the card became more crowded, she had to work hard at keeping her fingers and hand off the sticks that were already on the card. Sometimes she got frustrated and I had to encourage her to use her thumb and index finger only and tuck in the rest of her fingers.

pattern matching game for kids popsicle sticks

I suppose I could make this easier for her by sticking a small piece of magnet to the back of the popsicle stick so she could play this game on a cookie sheet…but for the time being, I think I want her to be challenged and she could also work on her patience =)

Now that I know she likes this game, I’ll be laminating the cards and adding to our collection of busy bag games.

Color and matching game for kids. FREE printable download. Perfect for busy bags.

Sorry for a crappy picture….it’s a last minute smart phone photo =)

How to Use this Color and Pattern Matching Game for Kids

  1. Download and print the matching game here.
  2. Cut out the cards along the line.
  3. Laminate the cards. I use this Scotch laminator. It does a really good job and it’s the cheapest I’ve found. The refill sheets are really reasonable too!
  4. Give your child the cards and some some colored popsicle sticks and have fun!

More Busy Bag Ideas

This Pinterest board below has lots of different busy bags ideas. Check it out, I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your fancy =)

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PS – I actually created another set of pattern matching game where the popsicle sticks overlaps each other. At this rate, I think we’ll need to practice this a lot more before she’s ready to move forward.

Life With Moore Babies -

What a fun busy bag and a great introduction to patterns!

Thaleia Maher -

This idea is wonderful! Great for all sorts of things like learning colors, counting, and general imagination. I’m featuring your post from The Thoughtful Spot Blog Hop!

Spark and Pook -

What a great idea!

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looks like so much fun! thank you for sharing at Kids Learning Printables!

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I LOVE this activity! So perfect!

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Beth McCabe Bullock -

Hi Amy, I made a set of these and they were very popular at the clinic where I do occupational therapy. You sent a more complicated version to my e-mail but i accidentally deleted it. A couple of therapists asked if I had more challenging ones. Could you send it to me again please. We would all appreciate it! Beth Bullock (

Elle Nes -

Thanks for sharing ! Kisses from France !

Alison Bell Langmack -

Great idea! This is a fun indoor activity for my kids during these hot Summer days. Is there a link for the more “advanced” pages for the older kids? Thank you!!

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Martha Hedges -

I just picked up colored popscicle sticks. I wasn’t sure how to use them now I do. I appreciate you great idea.

Georgia Lorna -

Will you be putting up the overlapping template soon? My kids would LOVE this!

Adrianna E Dippel -

I love this activity but for some reason when I print out the sheets they are coming out big the size of 8 x 11 paper. Is there a special way I am supposed to print them.

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what a great idea. can I ask for an email version of the regular and overlapping ones? for some reason I am having a problem printing from the site. Thanks

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Marnie Craycroft -


Shannon Siegel -

Hi Amy,

I have signed up for the blog and want to use the color stick matching game for a little in-home mommy preschool group that I am hosting on Friday. I got the email with the link but but the game never loads. Any tips or suggestions?

Lanni Park -

Amy, these are wonderful! I would love to get the more advanced version if possible. Thanks so much, can’t wait to use them.

Whitney Goodwin -

I can’t get the file to open.