The Portrait Project {Week 8}

A portrait of my children…because photos should been seen and shared.

Jay’s Portrait

Look at him.

This little guy is very curious and gets his little hands into anything and everything around him.

With his new found skill of pulling himself up onto his knees and feet, he’s now exploring a level of the world that used to be beyond his reach.

baby photographer vancouver

The other day, he was exploring the cookie sheets I left on the floor. One slid onto his face and gave him his first shiner.

Oh, I just know I’ll have to keep an even closer eye on him.

Elle’s Portrait

Another wild fashion sense picture with a backpack. You can’t see, but there’s actually 2 other bags in this blue backpack of hers. I’m surprised she doesn’t have 2 necklaces around her neck.

children photography

The other day, she pulled out some forgotten individually wrapped (thank goodness) pastry that was in her backpack for I don’t know how long. I had no idea where this pastry came from because I don’t remember buying it…

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Canadian Blog House -

Your kids are adorable, Amy! Oh oh! Better watch out….looks like your little guy is going to be getting into trouble now, lol.

Alicia Malcolm-Robinson -

Your babes are adorable and your photos are gorg! Did it break your heart with the first shiner? Poor thing…more to come 🙁

Crystal Allen -

Such a lovely idea taking a portrait of your kids once a week. I take a zillion photos every week, but to go through them and pick one for each that you feel really represents them and the week is a fantastic idea.

Josh Solar -

Awesome! So glad you’re doing this!