a mother’s letter: dear Sophia

Dear Sophia

You are my special angel! I wake up every morning and feel thankful and blessed to have been given the most precious gift in life, you!  I love your beaming smile and your silly little giggles.  You are such a happy child little girl and wise beyond your years.

Mommy loves to hug and kiss you, even when you wipe my kisses off!  You know I will always shower you with more and it’s a funny little game we play.  You are becoming more affectionate everyday and it warms my heart.

Sophia, you are a fearless explorer and I love how excited you get at the adventures I plan for us.  Our Hawaii trip with grandma and pappa was great!  You made me so proud swimming in the pool and even putting your face in the water.  You are my little water baby.  Our trips to the park are always fun.  You love to climb high and go down the slide face first.  You have no fear.

vancouver children photo

Sophia if I were to give you some advice for the future I would say “don’t sweat the small stuff!”  Everything happens for a reason.  There are going to be many bumps and turns in your road ahead and I want you to know that you will never be alone.  I will always be your best friend and help guide you in the right direction.  You have many people in your life that love and cherish you.  You will have a great life filled with joy and happiness and most importantly love.  I wish for you to grow up to be a strong and confident woman.  I am proud of your accomplishments as you are growing and changing everyday.  Sometimes you will hate me but please know that I do the things I do to make you become the woman you are meant to be.

I hope that you will grow up knowing that I love you very much and that you are the most important thing that ever happened to me.  When you were born you gave me the experience of a lifetime. The experience that holds the deepest most treasured place in my heart. The day you were born I cried tears of joy because it was the best day of my life.  My heart did not truly feel full until you came along so I thank you for that.

I love you with all of my heart baby girl.

March 17, 2012

You are 3 years old today.

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