The Portrait Project {Week 33 & 34}

A portrait (or a few) of my children…because photos should been seen and shared. These photos will be going into the kid’s year end Blurb book.

elle’s portraits (week 33)

This girl can now do her own hair. She likes to pull it back into a pony tail. Sometimes, she’ll stick a bunch of pins and clips in her hair to hold it back.

When I say a bunch, I mean an excessive amount.


I used to have jar of hair ties and pins that I kept in the bathroom drawer for myself. Now they’re all gone.

I now hunt for hair ties for my own hair under beds, behind couches, or in Elle’s purses. #lifeofamotherwithadaughter

jay’s portraits (week 33)


This boy has a very special places in my heart. Both my children have special places in my heart but it’s a little different with this boy. Maybe because he’s a mama’s boy and loves to cuddle?

I can’t explain it. It’s a feeling.

elle and jay’s portraits (week 33)


I love it when they work together. Elle always wants to help and she takes such good care of Jay. Sometimes she’s a bit rough but her heart is in the right place.


elle’s portraits (week 34)

Originally I edited out this picture because her foot is in the frame. The more I look at it the more I like it because this is so Elle. She’s always moving, always active and always up to something.



We picked our first strawberries this week. Elle loves to trample through the strawberry patch to collect berries.

Being a Ruby/Red/Determined Child/or whatever you want to call her personality, she naturally wants the biggest and the best of everything so it’s no surprise she insists on the biggest strawberries.


jay’s portraits (week 34)


This boy LOVES smoothies. See the cup? He can finish 3/4 of it in 4 minutes. I think it’s quite impressive for a 1 year old.


And he likes to throw food on the floor – and he thinks it’s fun.

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