The Portrait Project {Week 16}

A portrait of my children…because photos should been seen and shared.

My goal is to use these images for an ‘end of the year’ photo book for each of my children. It’s a gift for me as well as for them.

jay’s portrait


Little boy is all smiles when he sees his daddy. And me, my heart just burst out of my chest when I see them having fun together.

elle’s portrait


This is so Elle. Fun, mischievous, cheeky and hanging off of something.

This girl needs room to roam and explore. She is always moving and always doing something.

We recently start gymnastics and she LOVES it! She loves to sing and hang off of bars, bounce on trampolines, run around and do summersaults.

It’s her happy place.

amy lee signature for the connection we share


Suzanne Burke -

Beautiful shots, Amy…and such a great idea to do over the course of the year, for you and your kiddies!