The Portrait Project {Week 19}

Portraits of my children…because photos should been seen and shared.

My goal is to use these images for an ‘end of the year’ Blurb photo book for each of my children. It’s a gift for me as well as for them.

elle’s portraits

These days, my girl is all about doing hair – hers, mine and anyone else’s she could get her hands on.

When she does her own hair, she likes to pull it back into a high ponytail and will tie it after she’s run her hands through it many  times.

When she does your hair, watch out.

You’ll first be told to sit very still, then once you decided whether you’d like a braid or a ponytail, she’ll pull run her hands through your hair roughly as gently as she could. While you’re sitting as still as you possibility could (which is very hard to do when your hair is being yanked on), she’ll repeatedly ask you to sit still and continue to ask if you’d like a ponytail or braid. The whole experience lasts as long as your scalp can handle….for me, it’s usually between 1 minute to 5 minutes.

elle hair photo book

I wanted to share these pictures as well because I find it fascinating how a child could go through so many emotions all within a few minutes.

elle reading for photo book

First, she’s quiet and still, enjoying some reading time with SpongeBob (which by the way is not my book of choice for her).

elle sad for blurb book

Then something triggers her memory and she shares how her Auntie Cheryl wouldn’t let her explore in her room. As you can see, she is *very* sad.

elle laughing for blurb book

Then 2 seconds later, she’s her happy self again –  clapping, singing, jumping, doing summersaults on the bed.

All within a few minutes.

jay’s portrait

jay bath

This boy LOVES the bath.

I think if Jay could have his way, he would much rather bath by himself in peace without his sister in the tub. About 80% of the time, he comes out of the tub screaming because he was being tortured treated unfairly. Having water splashed at him, water being poured down his head, being hugged very tightly by a 3 footer….all the things he could do without.

But then, when he’s out of the tub, he loves to hang on to the side of it and watch Elle. I suppose he finds her entertaining. After a few minutes, he have forgotten what he’s been through and tries to climb back in.

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