The Portrait Project {Week 26}

A portrait (or a few) of my children…because photos should been seen and shared. These photos will be going into the kid’s year end Blurb book.

jay’s portrait

I really don’t understand why babies/toddlers have to put their foot up on the table when they eat.


Elle did this when she was about 1 and now Jay is doing it too.jay-foot-bw

This girl asked for a cup of tea so we decided to have a little ‘ellie & mommy’ tea party.

What started as a small wipe-the-spilled-tea cleanup turned into a hey!-this-is-fun-lets-spill-some-more game.


I was about to say something but I noticed she was wringing the cloth…I was mesmerized for a moment because I didn’t teach her to wring a cloth. She must’ve learned it from her grandparents or from school.


And she just repeated the process – pour tea on table, soak it up with the cloth, wring the tea out of the cloth into the cup and repeat, repeat, repeat.


Then when done, she poured the tea into the cup and drank it…which I put a stop to.

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