The Portrait Project {Week 24 & Week 25}

Portraits of my children from the last 2 weeks…because photos should been seen and shared.

My goal is to use these images for an ‘end of the year’ Blurb book for the kids.

So much memories these pictures hold…so much laughter, joy and love.

elle’s portraits (week 24)


I came home from work and found the girl putting star stickers on her fingernails. She was in the process of covering the 5 fingers on her left hand and I had to help cover her right hand.

She already got all 10 toes covered.


And if you’re wondering if she went to ballet that day, the answer is no. That’s just what she likes to wear on regular days.


And she’s got a ton of different color hair ties in her hair.

That’s just how she rolls.

jay’s portraits (week 24)

JayJay (it’s not a typo, that’s what we all call him) had a pretty big 2 weeks. The boy learned 2 new words!


This week he has been saying ‘bah’ for ball and ‘nana’ for milk.

He has been saying ‘mamma mamma’ for a couple months but I think he was just making sounds and wasn’t calling me.

No, I’m not sad at all his first word isn’t ‘mama’ =)


His first word was actually ‘ummm’.

‘Ummm’ when he sees a pot of blueberry oatmeal cooking on the stove and ‘ummm’ when he sees food he wants to eat.

elle & jays portrait (week 25)

Hanging out in bed is probably one of my favourite things to do in the mornings. And as always, someone cries because he got hugged too hard.


And the hugger feels no remorse what-so-ever.


Poor boy, he needs lots of hugs and kisses to feel better.


elle’s portraits (week 25)


This girl gets MAJOR bedhead in the mornings. Her hair is so tangled I’ve considered putting in a bit of coconut oil in her hair to keep it smooth.

jay’s portraits (week 25)


This boy LOVES his grandma and is all smiles when he sees her. He’ll take every opportunity to get hugs from her.

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