The Portrait Project {Week 23}

Portraits of my children…because photos should been seen and shared.

My goal is to use these images for an ‘end of the year’ Blurb book for my children. I can see them 20 years from now going through the book together and laughing at each other about the silly things they used to do =)

jay’s portrait

jay food for blurb book

When it comes to food Jay likes, we can’t seem to feed him fast enough. 2 seconds after a spoonful of food goes in his mouth, he’ll grab your arm to give him more.

jay cry blurb photo book

If you don’t give it to him? This is the face you get. This guy is such a whiner.

jay look for photo book

And if you make him whine too much, this is what you’ll get.

Oh if looks could kill, I would’ve died a thousand deaths.

jay reach for blurb 

And of course we have to do a selfie =)

If love could be measured by how much smooching there is, then this boy is so very much loved.

elle’s portrait

Sometimes, it blows me away how creative my girl is.

She once had a roll of streamer and somehow came up with the idea to ripe it into thin strips and attach it to a plain black hair clip.

hair for blurb photo book

Then a few days later when she was at a her ‘tiny tutu’ ballet class, some strings fell off the pompoms they were dancing with and she picked them all up.

Later when she got home, she found a black hair clip and attached all the pompom strings to it to make this hair piece.

elle hair for blurb photo book

Isn’t she creative? And silly?

elle silly for blurb book

That’s my girl and I love her so much =)

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