The Portrait Project {Week 31 & 32}

A portrait (or a few) of my children…because photos should been seen and shared. These photos will be going into the kid’s year end Blurb book.

jay’s portraits (week 31)


This boy LOVES looking out the window. There’s always something interesting for him to look at. He gets super excited when little chickadees visit us and get a snack from our bird feeder.


Now that he’s almost 15 months old, we’re seeing more of his personality. This spoon trick is newly learned. I never knew he’s cheeky and mischievous until now. He looks pretty proud of himself too =)

elle’s portraits (week 31)


This is Elle right before bedtime. She usually layers a dress over her pj’s so I’m a little surprised she’s in just a top and matching pants here.


This girl loves to sing. She usually sings standing up using all her body and all her voice in her performance. Since Jay’s already asleep, I taught her to sing sitting down using her lyrical voice. jay and elle’s portraits (week 32)

elle 32-2

When I need to do Elle’s hair in the mornings, I’ll sit her in the hallway on a stool and let her watch a bit of TV. While I was collecting some hair ties for her hair, Jay decides to do his hair too.

jay’s portraits (week 32)


This boy loves to put his face to everything. Whether it’s his blanket or a soft bed or the brush of the vacuum cleaner, he loves to put this cheek against things to feel it’s texture. I’m starting to think he’s a ‘sensitive child’ where he connects to his environment through touch and feelings.

jay 32

He’s been standing on his own for about 3 weeks now. The most he can stand for is about 3 seconds and he’s getting better every day with tons of practice.

There’s so much to learn from a kid learning to stand and learning to walk. They constantly practice to get better and better. Every time they stand, they fall. And they get back up and do it again – with joy and with a spirit of wanting to succeed. They know they can’t fail because everyone around them can stand and walk.

I think it’s important to mention that I did not use the word ‘try’. Kids don’t ‘try’ to stand. They don’t ‘try’ to walk.

There is no commitment in trying.

And so they do. They practice. They fall and they get back up again until one day they can stand on their own. They do it until they succeed.


There goes this shirt….this boy LOVES watermelons. When we buy a new watermelon, I usually keep it on the floor in this one corner of our house until we’re ready to cut into it. Jay likes to roll it around and calls it ‘ba’ (for ball).

elle’s portraits (week 32)


Bird watching.

I love her smile =)

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