The Portrait Project {Week 29 & 30}

A portrait (or a few) of my children…because photos should been seen and shared. These photos will be going into the kid’s year end Blurb book.

elle’s portraits (week 29)

This week has been a big week for us.


After at least 5 years of dreaming about this, we finally got Anna Kuperberg to photograph our family.

We took some photos in our living room and had to take down all the curtains. Since the light was so pretty, I had to take some photos for us after Anna left.


Elle was in a super cuddly mood and had a nice snuggle with John.


One thing Anna taught Elle during our photoshoot…..

She kept jumping and jumping and I thought she would go on forever…until she fell off the couch and that was the end of it.


After all the jumping, she recharged with 3 big black bean chocolate cookies.


And John took a nice nap.


jay’s portraits (week 29)

This week, JayJay started saying ‘bah’ for book….which is the same ‘bah’ for ball.


With Elle, we started reading to her when she was really little. With Jay, this haven’t happened yet…we’ll read to him once in a while in the afternoons but it’s not part of his bedtime routine yet.


The boy wants to do everything his big sister does and will get his hands in there without invitation.


Sometimes Elle doesn’t mind. But when she does, she pushes or drags him away.


Most of the time he’ll whine and I’ll have to rescue him but once in a while he’s okay with it and will sit and play by himself.


jay’s portraits (week 30)

This boy LOVES baths.

He can’t wait to get in the tub while the water is running and will try to climb in by himself. When the bath is over, I have such a hard time getting him out because he’s kicking and screaming to get back in.


elle’s portraits (week 30)

I went away on a trip the last few days. Before I left, the girl asked me to bring her back some jelly beans.


Normally I don’t give her candy except for special occasions but I felt bad leaving her so I caved.


And this is how happy she is to receive a bag of PINK jellybeans.


And she did a little ‘happy jellybean dance’.


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