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Today on Photo Tips From The Pros, we have Lola Melani who’s a maternity and newborn photographer in New York sharing her favourite photos and how they were made.

Lola creates the most beautiful silhouette photography of mother-to-be’s. Along with her other work, her photographs are so simple and timeless.

Here’s Lola

Hi, I am Lola Melani. I specialize in artistic maternity and newborn photography. I enjoy creating timeless portraits and working with beautiful energy. I love my job!

It was really hard to pick my favorite images. Here are a couple of photographs that are among my favorites.

photo tips from lola melani

This image is a studio portrait. I love backlighted images and silhouettes. This image is done with 2 studio lights bouncing the light into a white wall.

An image like this can be done with natural light as well. I recommend shooting against a large window and using a diffusing fabrics or a sheer curtain for the best results.

photo tips from lola melani

Pretty much all of my newborn sessions are done using natural wraparound light with 50mm F/1.2 lens and all of my maternity sessions are done with studio equipment using Canon 24-105mm F/4 lens.

From my experience baby sessions require much more time, patience and natural lighting skills. I used a dark velvet background which absorbs the light and creates a beautiful contrast.

I like the fact that the father’s face is slightly blurred drawing attention to the eye of the baby. This can be achieved by focusing on the baby’s eyes and selecting a wide aperture setting to create a nice background blur.

Where To Find Lola

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