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Photo tips to help you create photos that will hold a special place in your heart

Today on Photo Tips From the Pros, Kim from Kim Hill Photography shares how to create photographs of things you love about your kids. These are things you want to document and remember.

Meet Kim

photo-tips-hilliardHello everyone my name is Kim and I live in Central Alabama. I am half Korean half Caucasian, born and raised here in the South. I have one super duper supportive husband and the cutest little 1/4 Korean 4 year old girl!

I began my business about 3 years ago and although I dabbled in all types at first, I landed in the field I’m most passionate about, children and family portrait photography. In that genre I offer Lifestyle as well as Styled Sessions. And more recently began a Documentary Project called “The Diversified Life” documenting the beauty of multicultural families such as the one that I grew up in!

Favourite Photograph

My favorite photograph I have created would have to be this one of my little girl. This was when she was 3 and her most favorite story at the time was Peter Pan. I thought about how I would want to remember this age and knew that I had to incorporate this story in some way. I love that she is in her own little dream world, pretending to be on her way to Never Neverland.


Here she is pictured with her puppy, but we were not allowed to call her by her name that day. She and her puppy were to only be referred to as Wendy and Nanna.

I will never forget her love of this story, nor the giggles the fun and excitement she had on this day. And I have all the pictures to remember it by!

How This Photo Was Made

I shot this image with my DSLR a Canon 5D Markii with a 50mm lens.

I used backlighting. This is where your subject’s back is to the light and you are shooting into the sun. I adjusted my shutter to let in just the right amount of light that I wanted, to give an airy, dreamy feeling.

If you want to try out backlighting check your camera’s manual to see how you can adjust your setting to shutter priority, and have some fun trying it out!

Best Photo Tips

Get personal. The more personal the better.


What I mean by this is when you are photographing your children REALLY think about how you see them in that moment. What is that favorite look they give, you, what is their favorite toy, what is it that they are always doing or into right now. Images that reflect these things will forever hold a special place in your memory and heart.

Create these personal images for them as well, so that they can remember. Personal details will help them to look back on all the little things that added up to be the person they become.

How This Photo Was Made

This image was shot with a 35mm lens on her bed, with her most treasured doll in the whole world Wendy of course. I used the window as my light source, and turned her towards the light to insure I captured those sweet sparkly eyes of hers!

More Beautiful Photos Kim Has Made


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