The Portrait Project {Week 9}

A portrait of my children…because photos should been seen and shared.

My goal is to use these images for an ‘end of the year’ photo book for each of my children. It’s a gift for me as well as for them.

elle’s portrait

Oh this girl. This portrait 100% represents her.

Messy hair, mis-matched outfit, bag in one hand, adventurous smile – this is my Elle.

This morning she chose her own outfit (as you see here) and refused to wear pants. ‘Princesses don’t wear pants’ she said with a straight face. After 2 seconds of creative problem solving, we compromised on a pair Baby Legs to keep her legs warm (which by the way is covered with little bruises from her adventuring).

kid photographer vancouver

jay’s portrait

My little boy turned 9 months this week (yesterday)!

At 9 months, his favourite things to do are…

  • standing up on the couch and looking out the window
  • playing with the rice bin
  • being held or carried around the house
  • roaming and exploring without his sister trampling all over him
  • eating yams (and whining when being fed kale)
  • playing with daddy and mommy

kid photography vancouver

If you’ve been following his teething chronicle…this week, his right front tooth is slowing making itself seen and I think his left tooth will be making an appearance soon.

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