The Portrait Project {Week 13}

A portrait of my children…because photos should been seen and shared.

My goal is to use these images for an ‘end of the year’ photo book for each of my children. It’s a gift for me as well as for them.

family portrait (well, sort of…)

You know what I love about Christmas?

It’s not the presents, not at all. In fact, presents cause me more stress….but that’s another post.

What I love about Christmas is being with the people I love and doing something fun together.

For the past few Christmas mornings, my side of the family has been coming over to our place for breakfast and to exchange presents. Every body has a good time and ALL my family is there.


As usual, Elle is a great helper and helps everyone open their presents.

Now, lets take a moment to talk about her outfit. See this pretty sequinned party dress with a purple bow she’s wearing? She got it for Christmas the night before and HAD to wear it the next day. She some how found a matching purple hair clip to go with it. You can’t see, but she paired her outfit with a pair of red stockings and socks. Yeah. Socks with stockings…awesome.


elle’s portrait

After a full day of Christmas festivities, she crashed in her party outfit.

Watching her sleep never gets old =)


jay’s portrait

This little boy found a new use for his tongue.


And he’s darn proud about it!


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