The Portrait Project {Week 11}

A portrait of my children…because photos should been seen and shared.

My goal is to use these images for an ‘end of the year’ photo book for each of my children. It’s a gift for me as well as for them.

jay’s portrait

I still haven’t wrapped my head around the idea that my boy is 9 months old and he’ll be turing 1 in a few months. To me, he’s still my little baby.

baby photography vancouver

This guy gets his little hands into everything. His arms are always twice as long as they appear. We put something in front of him that we think is out of his reach, next thing you know, he’s got his hands on it.

vancouver kid photographera

elle’s portrait

This girl.

She’s in her pajamas consisting of a long sleeve spider man t-shirt, a pair of fleece pants completed with a Minnie Mouse nightgown. She knows the art of layering.

Lately she’s been refusing to eat her dinner so  this morning we buckled her down in a baby chair and put the dinner she wouldn’t eat last night in front of her. After some time of goofing around and singing Christmas carols, she finally finished her meal.

vancouver kid photography

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