The Value Of Photography – Our Family Photos With Anna Kuperberg

Photographs are not just pictures of a place and time or the people in them.

Photographs are a way to be transported back to a time when those photos were made.

The way she continuously giggled.
The way he kept watching his big sister, wanting to join in on the fun.
The way they smelled as I held them in my arms.

These are things that are important to me. And photographs help me remember how blessed I am to have these people in my life.

Our Family Photos With Anna Kuperberg

We recently had our family photographed by the legendary Anna Kuperberg and this have been something I’ve dreamed of even before I had kids.

Anna sees people. She sees the connection and honesty between people and that’s what she photographs – with a side of wit.

You need to see her work. She will move you. She’s moved me many times before, sometimes to tears.

And if you’re on her blog, you might even see photos of the president.

So here, below are our family photos with Anna Kuperberg.

amy lee signature for the connection we share

Anna Kuperberg -

It was such a delight to photograph your beautiful bright family in Vancouver! I apologize for teaching your daughter to jump on the couch. I tend to bring out the rambunctiousness in kids. Hope to see you again some day Amy.