the portrait project {week 2}

A portrait (or a few) of my children…because photos should been seen and shared.

jay’s portrait

This little boy…my heart just cringes when I see this face and yet it’s just so darn cute.

As a working mom, I jam in housework whenever I can and since he can crawl, why not let him strengthen his muscles? He army crawls all over the dining room, finding whatever toys or pieces of food his sister left behind. He keeps busy for about 10 minutes then gets tired and starts whining.

vancouver children photographer floor

elle’s portrait (s)

I had to do 3 this week.

It was late afternoon and we were outside enjoying the sunshine before dinner. I love this image because this is one of her many expressions I love most.


With her hair in wild abandon.

vancouver children photographer backlight

And this is the girl I see most.

Full of Life.

The wind carries her this way and that way, running around with no purpose at all other than to have fun and to be a kid.


children photographer vancouver

This girl is such a ‘bag lady’. Whenever we go out, she has to bring something with her, such as a backpack of her most random possessions or an eco-friendly bag of some bigger toys. Today she is a ‘traveller’ and so her backpacks are a must along with her bug observation kit and a lanyard of keys around her neck.

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Mara Rubinoff Shapiro -

Gorgeous pictures. Your kids are adorable.

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