Portrait Project August 2014

I know, I know…Portrait Project have been neglect the past couple months…

I’ve been taking pictures of the kids, it’s just scheduling time to edit and post the photos that seems to be a challenge…

So anyway, here is us the first couple weeks of August. My brother in law got married at a picturesque farm in Pemberton so we stayed up there for a couple nights.

Elle is the flower girl and Jay the ring bearer.


Isn’t Elle’s dress lovely? It’s from Over The Loom. It also came with a really pretty brooch that we used as a hair piece.


I got this dress for Elle a few months ago and put it away hid it in a safe place so she wouldn’t play dress up in it and dirty it. Well, 2 weeks before the wedding I went to pull it out of it’s safe place to alter it, except couldn’t find it! I spent a few hours looking for the darn thing and apparently I hid it so well that I can’t even find it myself! #idiot

So I gave up and contacted Angle who owns Over The Loom to buy another one. She was super kind and we chatted back and forth to set up something so we could have this dress for the wedding.elle-dress

On the day I was supposed to order the dress to have it shipped to us, I looked in my bedroom again just to make sure I haven’t overlooked anything. I involved Elle with helping me since 2 eyes are better than 1.

When I told her the situation and why I needed her help, her response was ‘Oh! Maybe we can pray to God and ask him for help!’ (smart girl). And so we did and I kid you not, we found the darn thing within 2 minutes! It was hiding in a pile of clothes in the closet! And I’m pretty sure I looked there a FEW times since I thought that’s where I put it originally! #superidiot

So anyway, that’s the dress story. Now we all know I have a memory problem.


Now, let me bring your attention to Jay. The boy is walking!

He started walking about a month ago. One day he just got up and walked! I guess he got tired of knee walking and got up on his feet to get to places. He’s so steady on his feet you’ll think he’s been walking for a while!


We stayed at a house/farm not too far from the farm where the wedding took place. This house was pretty amazing with a huge deck, a trampoline, a play house, horses, apple trees, hammocks, plus a river in the back!


Even with all these amenities, the kids got antsy one morning so I had to quickly figure out something for them to do (this is what happens when you forget to bring your Busy Box of activities!)

Thank goodness there was  a very large vase of corks at the house! I gathered 2 containers and some little food containers in the kitchen and filled them with water for the kids to play with. Playing with water always wins!