photography tips for better baby pictures – part 1

Like most new parents, you are probably eager to start taking pictures of your newborn baby, and photography tips might be the only other piece of advice you’re willing to listen to these days.

take better pictures newborn baby

I’m a children photographer in Vancouver as well as a mom…and I just had a baby. So while I should probably be doing things like doing laundry, napping, or responding to emails, I’m here to let you know what kinds of things I’m photographing of my new little guy.
(You’re welcome.)

Photography tips for better baby pictures

better pictures newborn baby

zoom, zoom, zoom

Use that zoom feature on your camera to get the very fine details that separates your sweet child from every other one on the face of the planet: those tiny feet, little fists, and curves in their lips.

I really love that my little guy’s lips are in the shape of a cupid’s bow and I love the little dimple underneath his bottom lip. So to capture this sweetness, I zoomed my camera to 100mm and framed it just right.

use natural light

newborn baby photography tip

While most toddlers, kids, teens, and adults (yes, everybody) tends to look better in natural light, babies benefit from the soft focus it brings to their super-soft, perfect skin. Some tips on using natural light: use window light if you can and avoid direct sun as it’ll cast shadows.

In the above photo, I placed Jay on my bed parallel to the large window to our right. This indirect natural light illuminates the left side of his face and graces over the mask of his face and drops off to his right.

get down

newborn photography tips

Get down on their level to not only get a baby’s perspective of the world around them, but also to show just how tiny they are in this huge world we live in. In the photo above, the camera was actually resting on the bed. I looked through the view finder to frame the picture just right, then moved my head to the side of the camera and interacted with my daughter.

play with them

newborn baby photography tip

Babies love to be played with! Make a funny face or noise, play peek-a-boo, or even tickle them with a very soft cloth or feather—you are sure to get some genuine giggles and grins out of your child.

For the above photo, I was playing peek-a-boo with him. I was hiding behind my camera and peeking out to say ‘peek-a-boo’ in my most animated voice. As you can tell, he thought I was funny =)

Online Photography Workshop

If you found these tips helpful and want to improve your photography skills, I’d recommend taking this online photography course Stop Missing The Moment. This workshop teaches you how to use your big camera to photograph your baby so you’d always remember their babyhood. The workshop was designed for busy parents and consists of six 10-minute videos and cost only $50.

About The Author

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Amy Lee is a children photographer in Vancouver who specializes in mother-child photography. She photographs mothers laughing, playing, and sharing hugs and kisses with her children.


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What I love most about this post is that it shares with us the exact camera lens details on the actual picture. genius. This is very very helpful with a newbie like myself. THANK YOU!

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