Displaying Family Pictures – Picture Wall Ideas

a heart collage with a picture bunting and other picture wall ideas

In our family home, pictures are everywhere.

Let me rephrase that…

In our family home, pictures of Elle are everywhere.

Yes, that is true. She is the first-born and her photos are all over our walls.

We have a large collection of photos on top of the mantle. The master bedroom is filled with photos of Elle when she was a baby. Even Jay’s room is filled with pictures of his big sister… because she was in that room before him.

I am a big believer that photos should be seen and shared, and I do have printed photos of the boy – all four of them – in little 4×6 prints pinned up on a board in my office.

‘Update family pictures’ has been on my to-do list since last year and it’s not as easy of a task as writing it on the to-do list. It takes a lot of energy and time to design a gallery wall, go through the 3,000 photos we took last year and to print and hang them all. With all of life’s commitments, this project just gets moved to the bottom of the list.

But now, since Jay is getting older and can see his surroundings, I have to make time for this project because I don’t want him to feel less loved or valued because his pictures are not up on the walls. This boy is just as loved and cherished as his sibling and I want the décor in our home to reflect that.

using square pictures for a heart collage and other picture wall ideas

Since we already have a lot of large prints in our home, I want to create a photo wall in our living room that is easy to put together, easy to update and easy on the wallet.

I’ve toyed with picture wall ideas like putting small photos (small to me is anything 8×10 and smaller) in different coloured and sized frames to create a mismatched collage, or creating a grid of images using polaroid-like photos. In the end, I decided to make a photo bunting with a bunch of 4×6’s and create a heart collage with 4×4 prints.

a heart collage with picture bunting and other picture wall ideas

I really love this display because it allows me to use a mass of images all at once. Sometimes the biggest challenge to creating a gallery with large prints is choosing which three or four images to print and making sure they all match together. With this method, I can choose way more images and be able to swap them out with other images in the future.

picture wall ideas for table

Since some of the photos I used in this display were on my phone, I was able to use the BLACKS photo app to order the prints. The best part was I was able to do it while I was waiting for Elle during her gymnastic class. And since that only took a few minutes, I used some images from Instagram and ordered an accordion card for my Dad’s birthday. Great use of time, right?

a variety of picture wall ideas

When I was on BLACKS website, I noticed they offered some really cool Wall Art options like metal prints and acrylic prints. I saw them a few years ago in professional photo labs so it was great to see them being offered to everyone! I’ve always wanted to try metal prints so I ordered three small square metal prints to display in our hallway. I really love that these prints don’t need a frame and come ready to display with a hanger on the back.

How about you? What’s your favourite way to display family pictures?


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One Smiley Monkey Blog -

LOVE the heart shaped arrangement. So cute!!! <3

Andrea Firmani -

This is so bad…last summer I bought a bunch of new frames to create a new photo wall. It took like 7 months for me to get them even hung up on the wall. I was so indecisive! Now they sit there totally empty. So lame! I need to sit down and get some prints ASAP!

Mother Your Business -

i have wanted to make a “family” wall for some time. insired!

Jennifer Dawn Oliver Shelton -

I love this! It’s being featured at this week’s link party! http://www.thelifeofjenniferdawn.com/2014/08/a-little-bird-told-me-link-party-103.html

Carolina Gonzalez -

what a great way to show photos! 😀

Kristina Cross -

Looks amazing Amy!

Dawn Stevens Shipman -

Is there a tutorial for how to put these together ? Would love to do it, but I’m soo not crafty