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So excited to feature the beautiful Sarb of Sarb Glaze Photography today! Although Sarb and I have never met, we chat on Facebook once in a while (isn’t this how everybody chat nowadays? that and Google Hangout?). Sarb is kind and has a heart of gold. And she makes beautiful babies =)

Here’s Sarb


I am a wife to a wonderful, hardworking husband; mom to a beautiful, witty 2 year old daughter; and am expecting baby no. 2 in the summer of 2014! If it were up to me, days would consist of: going to the beach with my family; an ice cream parlour (rocky road please!); antique shopping; working on a creative project; and, of course, snapping away to capture some beautiful memories.

I love making people laugh, even if it’s at my own expense. I don’t take myself too seriously. I believe you should either dream big or dream bigger! I’m a pretty healthy eater, but those who know me know that when it comes time to celebrating, I do it with Mickey D’s. Can I still get that SUPER SIZED?

I’m a photographer. I LOVE what I do. I love to create. I love to capture the type of memories that make your heart SWELL with happiness and pride. I am a Vancouver based natural light photographer specializing in children and family. I photograph on-location and in-studio in downtown Vancouver.

Favourite Photograph


I mean, yes, this is my daughter, and her chubby cheeks and arms are so flipping adorable, but one of the other reasons I love this photograph so much is because it’s a simple, everyday moment captured in our home.

When she was younger, my husband and I would place our daughter’s little portable tub on the dining table to give her a bath. Our condo offers gorgeous light with it’s expansive windows throughout the space. I love the way the light from the windows wraps around my daughter’s beautiful little body.

This photograph is one of the reasons why I love photographing in natural light! This image was captured with my Canon Mark II and my 50mm 1.4 lens at about 2.8.

Best Photography Tip


This image of my daughter was photographed at Iona Beach in Richmond, B.C. She’s exploring and in love with her surroundings.

Tip: To help me out with the blazing bright sun, I placed my daughter under a parasol. It allowed her a good amount of space to do her exploring (while keeping her protected), and also provided nice even light on her little body. No splotchy bright spots on her skin to worry about.

Where To Find Sarb

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Oh Amy, thank you for the kind words :o) I look forward to meeting you in person one day!