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Today on Photo Tips From the Pros, the beautiful and talented Erika Hopkins who is an Orlando newborn and family photographer shares her favourite image as well as her best photo tip.

Meet Erika

Erika-HeadshotI am a published photographer who focuses primarily on newborn and family photography. Shooting natural light portraits across America while maintaining two central locations in Orlando, FL & Charleston, SC. My work has been featured on television (ABC & NBC), charity billboards, national print magazines, and editorial family and wedding blogs.

That is the business side of me…the other side is a fun laid back crafty, furniture redoing wife and mom of a 15-month-old little girl. She is my light, my inspiration for each family I meet. Having a child has made me that much better of a photographer, I am able connect with my clients on a whole another level. Understanding that family portrait sessions are not just about capturing posed photographs, but also about taking the time to capture their personalities, has been a key transformation in my business.

I am terrible at taking the “big” camera when we are out and about and it is my summer resolution to remember to take it with us, more often. It doesn’t stop me from grabbing the iPhone and taking pictures. Remember it doesn’t matter what you use to capture the memory, as long as you have it!

Favourite Photograph

I am completely in love with this photograph, it captures the pure genuine heart of a child. His laugh is so incredibly adorable and his toes are just priceless. Something I really enjoy about this portrait is the full circle nature of it; from the uniquely stacked antique crates to the bright colored flowers and most importantly, their adorably smiling faces. There is something beautiful in each and every corner of the picture. His toes make me laugh every time I look at it!


How This Photo Was Made

This was captured on a sunny day in the early evening. The props were placed in the shade with the sun behind and to the right of them. This allowed for beautiful back lighting without any lens flair. Shot at 50mm, f/4.5, 1/160s, iso 160 {normally I would have captured this at f/2.0, but wanted to ensure almost everything was in focus}.

Best Photo Tips

Look around your home for items to incorporate into your pictures. You might be surprised that by adding sentimental items to your photographs you can make them that much better. This could be dad’s old chair from when he was a child, perhaps your child’s favorite blanket or stuffed animal.


For me it was about capturing my daughter in these pajamas. They were my favorite for her to wear; there was something about the light bright airy feel they projected while she wore them. They received a lot of love in those early months…so much we even cut out the feet so she could wear them longer.

Looking back on this photograph, it instantly transports me to all the moments when she would play in those adorable pajamas. Yes, I could have taken her picture in any outfit but by incorporating something meaningful it touched my soul.

How This Photo Was Made

She was laying on the floor 6 or 7 feet away from a beautifully naturally lit window. I was standing above her keeping her focused with different toys dangling from the camera. 24mm, f/3.2, 1/125s, iso 320

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