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Today on Photo Tips From the Pros, Amy Drucker who is a NYC portrait and lifestyle photographer shares her favourite image as well as her best photo tip.

Meet Amy

amy-druckerJust like most of you, I’m a Mama first and everything else second.

My boys are six and sixteen and I started my business when my youngest was one. I started out by showing my fine art photography (mostly still life) at local galleries. From there it moved into stock photography (which still comprises a small part of my annual business) and then into portraits.

I specialize in working with children but I consider myself to be always evolving – right now I’m really feeling connected to working with ‘tweens and teens. A few years ago I added a boutique school photography division to my business. I work with about 12-16 nursery schools, day cares and elementary schools each year, and I teach. So, you could say I’m busy 🙂


Favourite Photograph

A week ago this wouldn’t have been my favorite image at all. I would have selected something more “lifestyle” (a term I’m not terribly fond of – I prefer “documentary”). But this past weekend I had a wonderful serendipitous experience.


I was traveling with my family to visit my parents. We had taken a route we weren’t too familiar with because we had been to pick up my son’s girlfriend. It was about a half an hour before sunset (the “golden hour”) and as we drove by a field of purple flowers with the sun behind it, I literally gasped out loud. My husband, knowing that sound, patiently asked “do you need me to pull over”? (Love that man.) Of course, I did. And I kind of barked at the kids in the back “someone get out and pose for me”. My six year old barely looked up from his game of Minecraft on the iPad, but my older son and his girlfriendhappily obliged.

I was shooting with a long lens so I was pretty far away from them and I didn’t give them any direction, other than to point at where I wanted them. I captured a bunch of delightful and spontaneous moments but this one is my favorite.

Aside from the obvious affection they have for each other, I love that he was holding her hair out of her face – he’s been posing for me for so many years I think he knew that I couldn’t see her. I love that they are dressed as themselves and not all prettied up for a photoshoot. I just love it.

How This Photo Was Made

Because of the circumstances (pulling over to the side of the road, running out of the car to catch the light) I just grabbed my camera and worked with what I had.

Luckily my 70-200 lens was on the camera and I set the aperture to 2.8 (the widest it will go) and worked the rest of my settings from there. I zoomed all the way in and had my shutter at 1/125 and my ISO at 400. It was a little underexposed and needed some tweaking in Lightroom and Photoshop.


Best Photo Tips

I’m a big fan of getting the story from the details in the image and not necessarily from direct eye contact. Don’t wait for your tiny humans to stand still and look you in the camera – you’ll be waiting a long time and you’ll miss out on lots of wonderful moments.


How This Photo Was Made

I sat on the bed and watched and waited. I was quiet and let the moment unfold. I was using my 35mm lens – my favorite indoor lens. My settings were ISO 1000, f/4.5 and 1/125 second.

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