5 Meaningful Photo Books Ideas + Blurb Coupon

When making photo books, I always make the book as meaningful as I can.

Of course a book of photos of your loved ones are meaningful, that’s a given. But how do you put more meaning into just pictures? Here are 5 ideas to create meaningful photo books and an example of a photo book I have made.

blurb photo book ideas

Question and Answer Book

Wouldn’t it be fun to ask your children a list of random questions and see what they come up with? I bet they would really crack you up =) Here are some questions you could include in this photo book:

  • If you (or anyone else in your family) have a super power, what would it be?
  • If mommy and daddy could take you anywhere in the world, where would we go?
  • If you have 1 wish that would come true, what would you wish for?
  • If there’s an elephant in the room, what would he be doing?
  • If mommy is a cartoon character, who would she be?

Funny Quotes

How many times have your children said something and you either burst out laughing, or you’re trying your hardest to not laugh? This happens to me all the time, usually when I’m disciplining Elle! I have to cover my mouth with my hand or fully turn around so she can’t see me laughing!

example of blurb photo book

I think these are the moments worth remembering and worth documenting. I usually write them down and/or share them on Facebook (doesn’t everyone?).

If these moments are put in photo books, I’m sure it’ll provide hours of entertainment for years and years. Your children’s children would be reading this =)

Write A Letter

blurb photo

If you’re making a photo book of your children, one of my favourite things to do is to write a letter to them and include it in the book. How wonderful would it be for your children to look at these photos even 5 years from now and know how you felt about them.

All About Me From A-Z

Make a list of things about your child, 1 for each letter of the alphabet. You could use adjectives that describes them, names of the places that they’ve been, things that they love, and friends that they have.

What I Love About You

blurb photo book examples

I bet you’d feel pretty loved if your children gave you a photo book with things they say they love about you. I would feel pretty darn special if I received a book like this =) This would also make a great gift for any family member or anyone who loves your children.

Photo Book Example

Now that you have lots of ideas to make your next photo book more meaningful, let’s look at a photo book I created for my sister and her first child for her first Mother’s Day.

blurb photo book example

I used photos of my sister and her daughter and included a sweet letter she wrote to her little girl. The letter was broken into a few sections that was placed throughout the book. I also personalized the book by pulling special quotes and placed them on top of corresponding/appropriate images.

blurb books

Not only will this book serve as a sweet bedtime story when this little girl is a bit older, but it will be a memory of how much a mother loved her child and how much she thought about them while growing up.

I created this photo book using Blurb.com. I really like making photo books with them because their quality is WAY better than others that I’ve used and even some of my photographer friends uses them. Their pricing is extremely affordable and their pricing is competitive with other photo book companies out there.

blurb coupon code

How To Make A Photo Book That Lasts

When I make photo books, I always make them as durable as possible since I want them to last. These photos are precious and I want to look at them with my grandchildren one day.

blurb photo books

I always start with a hardcover book and upgrade to thicker paper.

For this particular book, I got a small square 7×7 hardcover book with a dust jacket, upgraded from the standard black linen cover to a natural colored linen, and from standard paper to premium lustre paper.

The standard price for a hardcover book is $25.99 and with all my upgrades, it cost less than $36 for it all – a small price to pay for an heirloom photo album that my family and I will enjoy for years and years. I even had a Blurb coupon so it brought the price down a bit.

blurb photobooks

Let me take a moment to say that while soft cover books are a lot cheaper (Blurb’s start at 12.99 for a small square album), they’re also not as nice or durable.

These family photo albums are meant to last a long time, meant to be heirlooms for your children so I’d recommend investing a little bit more money to get a hardcover book.

Blurb Coupon and Promo Code

Once in a while, Blurb will have coupons for their photo books.

Click on the link or picture below to get the latest coupon code.

blurb coupon promo codes

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Kyla Cornish -

I keep planning on doing this AND never do. Maybe this summer…. can I just hire you?

Allison Spiro-Wiberg -

Wonder if it’s not too late to make one of these for Father’s Day.

Tami Amit -

I love the questions to ask the kids! Thx

Danielle Christopher -

So important to write down your stories. I don’t have any of my mom so I write for my girls. Love photo books!

Heather Van Mil -

These are awesome tips! We make photo books all the time, but aside from the very first one we did about our daughter’s surgery and first year, they are all just photos. thanks for inspiring me!!

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Any ideas for making a photo book for a parent that has dementia? Mom can’t remember who grandkids are and who their kids are. Thought I would have families send me photos of their family and I would put them in a book that she could look at to help her remember.